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Vermont Swine Industry Development

The official project will be winding up in Spring 2016, but we will be maintaining the VTSWINE list serv and posting additional swine resources on this page. 

The Pasture Program was a recent recipient of a Working Lands Enterprise Grant focused on support and expansion of profitable, environmentally beneficial and well-managed swine production.  This partnership with NOFA-VT will work on creating greater connection between existing experienced and new swine producers at all sizes and stages of growth; offering educational opportunities for producers to learn more about swine nutrition, health, housing, and value-added products; and developing further tools and options to help future expansion be successful.

To learn more about the 2014 Working Lands Enterprise Board Entrepreneur and Service Provider awards, click here.

Some of the farm partners we are very excited to continue working with are the Nottermans.  Helm, Nancy, and their son Ben sell grass-fed Holstein beef and pastured pigs.  In the past three years, their pork business has grown by 900% and represent a new wave of Vermont farms using a direct-market approach to bring high quality meats to restaurants and farmers' markets.

To learn more about the Nottermans' Snug Valley Farm, see their Across the Fence television program from 2013, featuring Michigan State Swine Specialist Dale Rozeboom, or read this article about them in On Pasture.

If you are a swine producer (or know someone who is) join the VTSWINE listserv here.

Or contact the project partners:
Jenn Colby, UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
UVM Extension

Project Event:
February 14 2017    Swine Workshops with The Piggery's Heather Sanford at the NOFA VT Winter Conference
                                  (supported by the Working Lands Enterprise Fund Swine Industry Development Grant)

Swine Resources

  • September, 2014 presentation by Steve Moeller, Swine Specialist of The Ohio State University, focused on genetics and considerations for scaling up from small-scale production.
  • August, 2013 presentations by Dale Rozeboom, focused on production, nutrition, housing, breeding, and environmental management.
  • 2012 Webinar presented by Dale Rozeboom, Swine Specialist from Michigan State University, focused on general nutrition and production, with follow up questions from a live audience.
  • Vermont Swine Feeding Policy, Updated April 2013

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