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maple wind weedsBelow are resources produced by the Pasture Program or in support of our outreach and activities. Visit individual project pages for the most current material.

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Webinar: On-Farm Slaughter in Vermont with Randy Quenneville, Vermont Agency of Ag Meat Inspection Chief
Link to recorded webinar.  (You may need to update your Java settings in order to play the Blackboard recording.)
VT Agency of Agriculture Processing Flow Chart (PDF)
One note: At about 46:25 into the recording, Randy answered a question about whether a farmer selling multiple animals to multiple buyers--who all made their own on-farm slaughter arrangements--can then transport the animals to a processing facility as a group?  After Randy's recorded response, he sent some additional clarification afterward, "...[the farmer would] have to have a signed certificate at the processor's in order for the custom processor to accept the carcasses… so the farmer would have to get blank certificates from the processor and have each owner sign them and then bring them with the carcasses."

Video Clips

Swallowdale Farm Bedded Pack
Summer Heat: Health and Safety of Livestock
Rainfall Simulator: A Tool for Improving Water Quality
Ray Archuleta at 2014 Grasstravaganza

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