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VGFA Mini Grants

grazingstickAnnually, the VGFA dedicates money to support on-farm research led and designed by farmers.  Grants range from $500-$1,000.
Possible ideas include but are not limited to:
• Extension of the grazing season,
• Innovative grazing practices or infrastructure,
• New forage varieties or cropping systems,
• Evaluation of new or competing products, etc.

Applications are due annually by April 1 (postmark).
Slideshow of past awardees.

2017 Mini Grant Awardees, supported by the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Ashley Cook, Lost Arts Farm, Design Improvements to Increase Efficiencies in Pasture-Raised Rabbits
  • Bob Firevoid, Health Hero Farm, Cattle Mister for Reducing Heat Stress 

Past Awardees (with reports where available)

  • Katja and Jackson Evans, Raven Hill Farm, Managing Chervil with Goats and Pigs (awarded 2016)
  • Graham Ungst-Rufenacht and Aaron Guman, Walking Onion LLC, Building a Living Hedgerow Fence for Livestock (awarded 2016)
  • Todd & Annette Brown, Farmer Brown: Stockpiled Forage Testing for Winter Grazing Viability in Vermont (awarded 2014)
  • Wesley Bascom, Gozzard City: Economics of Forage and Pasture in the Production of Goose (awarded 2014)
  • Karen Freudenberger, VT Goat Collaborative: Pine Island Farm Lower Field Restoration Project (awarded 2014) Conference report
  • Claire Wilson, David Ritchie, Libby Mills, Putney Mountain Association: Controlling Buckthorn on Conserved Land Using Goats (awarded 2014) WCAX news story
  • Marc Cesario, Meeting Place Pastures: Improving Pasture Diversity and Animal Nutrition with Forage Chicory (awarded 2013)
  • Edge Fuentes and Katie Spring, Good Heart Farmstead: Gravity-Fed Irrigation System Using Potential Energy of a Stream (awarded 2013)
  • Sterling College Farm: Pastured Pork Gains on Marginal Land (awarded 2013)
  • Julie Wolcott, Green Wind Farm: Transitioning Dairy Heifers to Pasture Using Kathy Voth [Weed eating] Training Methods (awarded 2013)
  • Patrick and Melanie Harrison, Harrison's Homegrown [dairy farm]: Successive Plantings of Annual Forages (awarded 2012)
  • Rich and Cynthia Larson, Larson Family Farm: Foliar Application of Trace Minerals and Biostimulants (awarded 2012)
  • Brandon Allen, Sausage Man: Winter Farrowing Greenhouse (awarded 2011)
  • Rob MacLeod, Windhorse Farm: Eradication of Yellow Rattle Through Grazing (awarded 2011) Poster
  • Adam Wilson and Elizabeth Fuccillo, Bread and Butter Farm: Assessment of Perennial Forage Species in October, November and December (awarded 2011)
  • George van Vlaanderen, Does Leap Farm: Reclaiming Pasture with Goats (awarded 2010)  Final Report
  • Matt Burke, Bloomfield Farm: Determining Potential Hedgerow Species for Sheep Pasture (awarded 2010) Final Report
  • Lisa Ransom and Scott Baughman, Dancing Wind Farm: Movable Pasture Pagoda (awarded 2009) Solar Dollar article
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