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VGFA Mini Grants

grazingstickAnnually, the VGFA dedicates money to support on-farm research led and designed by farmers.  Grants range from $500-$1,000.
Possible ideas include but are not limited to:
• Extension of the grazing season,
• Innovative grazing practices or infrastructure,
• New forage varieties or cropping systems,
• Evaluation of new or competing products, etc.

The 2016 application is due April 1, 2016 (postmark).
Slideshow of past awardees.

2015 Mini Grant Awardees

VGFA did not make an award in 2015. 

Past Awardees (with reports where available)

  • Todd & Annette Brown, Farmer Brown: Stockpiled Forage Testing for Winter Grazing Viability in Vermont (awarded 2014)
  • Wesley Bascom, Gozzard City: Economics of Forage and Pasture in the Production of Goose (awarded 2014)
  • Karen Freudenberger, VT Goat Collaborative: Pine Island Farm Lower Field Restoration Project (awarded 2014) Conference report
  • Claire Wilson, David Ritchie, Libby Mills, Putney Mountain Association: Controlling Buckthorn on Conserved Land Using Goats (awarded 2014) WCAX news story
  • Marc Cesario, Meeting Place Pastures: Improving Pasture Diversity and Animal Nutrition with Forage Chicory (awarded 2013)
  • Edge Fuentes and Katie Spring, Good Heart Farmstead: Gravity-Fed Irrigation System Using Potential Energy of a Stream (awarded 2013)
  • Sterling College Farm: Pastured Pork Gains on Marginal Land (awarded 2013)
  • Julie Wolcott, Green Wind Farm: Transitioning Dairy Heifers to Pasture Using Kathy Voth [Weed eating] Training Methods (awarded 2013)
  • Patrick and Melanie Harrison, Harrison's Homegrown [dairy farm]: Successive Plantings of Annual Forages (awarded 2012)
  • Rich and Cynthia Larson, Larson Family Farm: Foliar Application of Trace Minerals and Biostimulants (awarded 2012)
  • Brandon Allen, Sausage Man: Winter Farrowing Greenhouse (awarded 2011)
  • Rob MacLeod, Windhorse Farm: Eradication of Yellow Rattle Through Grazing (awarded 2011) Poster
  • Adam Wilson and Elizabeth Fuccillo, Bread and Butter Farm: Assessment of Perennial Forage Species in October, November and December (awarded 2011)
  • George van Vlaanderen, Does Leap Farm: Reclaiming Pasture with Goats (awarded 2010)  Final Report
  • Matt Burke, Bloomfield Farm: Determining Potential Hedgerow Species for Sheep Pasture (awarded 2010) Final Report
  • Lisa Ransom and Scott Baughman, Dancing Wind Farm: Movable Pasture Pagoda (awarded 2009) Solar Dollar article
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