Perennials this Month - March 1996

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Associate Professor, University of Vermont

Plant of the Month: Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red'

height x width: 36" x 30"

flowers: white, early to mid-summer

hardiness: USDA zones 4-8

interest: *1996 Perennial Plant of the Year (Perennial Plant Assn.)

*rich mahogany-colored foliage

*pinch when 8-12" high, otherwise may need to stake

*seed pods useful ornamentally and cut

*from (as name indicates) Nebraska

*full sun , well-drained soil

More new or proven perennials!

*Tiarella cordifolia 'Running Tapestry'-- vigorous groundcover; deeply dissected leaves, small, red speckled especially toward centers; white flowers, late spring-early summer; 15" x 24"; part to full shade (tolerates full sun North with ample wate r).

*Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns'-- descendant from Stella de Oro only much purer yellow, also a rebloomer; good in warm or cold climates; lemon yellow flowers early-mid summer, 18" x 20-24".

*Penstemon schoenholzeri-- similar appearance to 'Husker Red' only shorter and different flower color; dark foliage all season; profuse blooms, pink, early summer; 30" x 18".

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