Frequently Asked Questions About Hops


Updated on 14 September, 1999.

Where can I get some seeds so that I can grow my own hops? Actually, hops are not usually started from seeds because only the female plants yield the cones used in brewing. Hops are started from root cuttings, or rhizomes, that are planted out in mid-spring or started earlier in a greenhouse(see next FAQ). You should be able to purchase some hops rhizomes from your local homebrew supply store, or from some listed on other sites.

When should I plant my hops rhizomes outside? The best time to plant can vary from year to year, depending on the weather conditions. For a general guide, we recommend around the 1st of May for Plant Hardiness Zone 4, and 2 weeks earlier for each zone number higher. Click here to find your Hardiness Zone. Hardiness zone map by Garden Escape.

What cultivars(varieties) of hops should I grow? That depends upon what you want to use them for. Aroma or Bittering? Also, you may want to avoid cultivars that are "very susceptable to downy mildew" if your growing area will be humid. Your local homebrew shop may be able to recommend some cultivars for your particular area. Check out our list of Hops Varieties.

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