Perennials this Month - August 1996

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Associate Professor, University of Vermont

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Plant of the Month: Phlox paniculata 'David'

height x width: 36-40" x 18-24"

flowers: white, mid summer to early fall

hardiness: USDA zones 4-8

interest: *proven powdery mildew resistant in research
*larger white flower clusters, thicker stems, larger leaves, taller than other cultivars
*slightly fragrant
*striking display, often blooms continue on sideshoots after main shoots finished
*discovered in parking lot of Brandywine Conservancy, West Chester, PA in 1987 in population of wild seedlings; named after spouse of former director of Conservancy

More new or proven perennials!

*Boltonia asteroides 'Snowbank'-- looks like an aster but isn't; strong stems so no staking needed; good cut flower; white late summer to mid fall; 48-60" x 36-48".
*Astilbe thunbergii 'Professor van der Weilen'-- white, mid summer 48" x 48" in arching plumes; good near the water; dating from 1917; a favorite of Graham Stuart Thomas (famous British plantsman).
*Festuca ovina glauca 'Elijah's Blue'-- dense clump former, one of best of blue fescues; flowers mid summer; 8" x 12"; found at a Long Island nursery on Elijah Lane.

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