University of Vermont

Office of Community-University Partnerships & Service Learning

Current Community Partners

Community feedback is crucial as we work to offer both students and partners a positive and mutually-beneficial experience. If you or your organization are...

  • partnering with a service-learning course at UVM
  • hosting a student internship
  • working with students engaged in research
...we'd love to hear from you about the experience!

Please send any reflections, questions, or concerns to

Questions for Community Partners

Below are some examples of the questions we typically ask community members and organizations who are partnered with UVM service-learning courses:

  • How did you connect with this particular course?
  • Did you or your organization help to determine the project undertaken by the class?
  • Did you have enough discussion in preparing to work with the class to understand...
    • The scope and scale of the intended project?
    • Student skills and ability levels?
    • Desired learning goals for the students?
  • Did you have sufficient information about these or other issues at the start of the project?
  • Were the students professional, knowledgeable and responsible?
  • Were there any logistical challenges in working with the students?
  • Did the students’ work and/or deliverables provided meet your expectations?
  • Do you feel the students were adequately prepared for or supported in their service-learning work?
  • Could you briefly describe the impact of the students’ work on your programs or activities?

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