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Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Oct. 28th
Exploring Connections b/w Service-Learning & Sustainability
12-1pm, 303 Bailey/Howe

A lunch for people teaching – or interested in teaching – courses jointly designated SU and SL

Nov. 3rd
Intro to Service-Learning Pedagogy
1-2:30pm, 303 Bailey/Howe

This workshop will introduce participants to key elements of service-learning pedagogy – reciprocity and critical reflection – and touch on considerations in developing effective community partnerships.

Faculty nominee Kathy Fox (Sociology) speaks with Barbara Jacoby, author of Service-Learning Essentials, at the 2015 CUPS Service-Learning Awards ceremony. Photo: Sally McCay

Resources & Services for Faculty

CUPS staff support faculty through individual consultation, presentations, workshops, and our Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning program. We assist with all elements of service-learning project development & design, including community partner identification. We offer grants and a Service-Learning Teaching Assistant program to support courses, scholarship about service-learning pedagogy and other community-engaged initiatives. We will also gladly work with small groups of faculty on particular areas of interest, or help departments map engagement opportunities in their curriculum. We maintain a Resource Library of up-to-date materials in the field.

Look through the following pages for more details or give us a call.

Recent Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Service-Learning Pedagogy
  • Critical Reflection:
    Tools for supporting the learning in service-learning
  • Service-Learning in the Curriculum:
    Models & options
  • Service-Learning Plugged In:
    Effective use of technology for service-learning projects and reflection
  • Project Management Tools in Service-Learning
  • Service-Learning & Social Justice
  • Cultural Competency in Service-Learning Classes:
    Preparing students for community-based experiences
  • Advance Your Scholarship with Undergraduate Researchers:
    Strategies, considerations, and resources
    (in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Research)
  • The Engaged Department:
    Service-learning at all levels of the curriculum
  • Scholarship of Community-Engaged Teaching
  • Internships, Service-Learning & Employee Recruitment at UVM
    (for community partners)


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