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Award winning SL faculty member Donna Rizzo teaches one of her service learning engineering courses. Photo: Sally McCay

Designating Courses as Service-Learning (SL)

Why designate? Designating a course as service-learning achieves the following goals:

  • Communicates the SL portion of the course to students in the registration process
  • Provides recognition of the SL experience on student transcripts
  • Allows monitoring and assessment of service-learning courses and initiatives at UVM
  • Facilitates faculty and community partner professional development opportunities and recognition
  • Allows community partners to provide feedback and assess the SL project as a whole

UVM Designation Criteria

A course is designated SL when it meets all of the following criteria:

  1. It is a credit-bearing course (graduate or undergraduate).
  2. It integrates service/experiential components with a community partner and academic course content so that each significantly informs and enhances the other.
  3. There are planned benefits for both the community partner AND the students. The service addresses a need and follows processes that are mutually agreed upon by the partner and the instructor.
  4. Student assessment and academic credit are based upon the demonstration of student learning, not on the service hours. Critical reflection (see below) is part of the assessment process.
  5. Course assignments and activities support students to integrate the service/experiential component with the academic course content; this is called "critical reflection" in the field of service-learning.

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