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Here it is folks, your OC menu to adventure, learning, and outrageous fun for the semester! Our unbeatable prices for trips include meals, transportation and rental of any equipment needed.

The Fall 2017 Trip Schedule Brochure is here!

Fall 2017 Trip Availability Coming Soon!

The OC puts out wilderness trips every weekend, in all seasons - even during Spring Break! To get information on scheduled trips, call, e-mail, check this site, sign up for our listserv, or better yet, stop by the house! Trips listed need confirmation they will be going out. We recommend you call to check enrollment status two weeks prior to the date it is scheduled to go out.

The Fall 2017 Trip Signups are here!

Currently, the program we use for trip signups has had a few problems, and we will be working through this new system over the next few weeks. We want to make sure that when you sign up for a trip you get to go on that trip, and that info is communicated to you clearly and on time. At the end of the day, our goal is to get every one of you outside! Check your email and our facebook for any updates throughout the coming months!

The Fall 2017 Trip Waitlist

Trip leaders will contact you 2 week before your trip with details of time and place for a pre-trip meeting. You'll be told what gear you will need, discuss prior experiences and goals for your chosen trip. Most gear is available through the Outing Club, if you don't have your own. All gear rental fees are included in the price of your trip!

Once you have returned from your trip, please fill out this OC Leader Evaluation Form

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