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*Important: You can apply for more than one program!!*

Wilderness Instructor Leadership Development (W.I.L.D)

WILD is the UVM Outing Club's leadership training program, dedicated to cultivating wilderness leadership skills and is a mandatory requirement for all Outing Club trip leaders. Each semester, 15 student trainees work alongside upper class WILD coordinators focusing specifically on hard skill instruction, situational leadership development, understanding leadership & learning styles, risk management, wilderness medical instruction & LNT ethics. Most importantly, 'WILDees' develop a skilled & motivated leader community! WILD meets weekly for 2 1/2 class hours supplemented by 3 weekend field practical trips.

Apply: Spring 2019 WILD Application
Cost: $150

Your Spring 2018 WILD Leaders -
Harper Simpson
Gennaro Valant
Laura Pinover
Beatrix Berry


Site Management and Anchor Construction (SMAC) Rock & Ice

SMAC is an instructional rock & ice climbing skill development program for students interested in acquiring safe, comprehensive, top roped climbing, anchor construction and teaching skills. Both Rock and Ice SMAC run throughout the entire semester (Rock in Fall semester and Ice in Winter semester), with four mandatory hands-on weekends. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals of equipment, climbing technique, belaying & rapelling technique and safe management of climbing instruction areas in an institutional setting. Completion of SMAC is mandatory for UVM student climbers interested in leading climbing trips for the UVMOC.

Apply: Fall 2018 Rock SMAC Application
Cost: $150

Your Fall 2018 Rock SMAC Leaders -
Zoe Holdorf
Tim Stevens
Gordon Coates

Kayak PFD

Kayak Paddling for Development (PFD) is a sea kayak leadership course offered by the UVM Outing Club. As part of this flat and moving water UVMOC kayak leader training program, participants will demonstrate proficiency in the areas of: paddling strokes, boat control, rescues, portaging techniques, and trailing skills. PFD curriculum will be based on coastal kayaking material. Both beginners and intermediate paddlers are encouraged to apply.

Apply: Kayak PFD Fall 2018 Application
Cost: $100

Your Fall 2018 Kayak PFD Coordinators
Mandy Smith
Ellie Sovcik
Luke Huntington

Canoe PFD

The Canoe PFD program is designed as a semester long teaching program, with three weekend practicums, emphasizing entry-level paddling skills for individuals desiring to both further their personal canoeing skill as well as become a capable canoe instructor for the UVM Outing club. The three weekends include: one in the Adirondack's where we will camp lakeside getting to know one-another as well as working on both hard and soft skills, one weekend woking on white water canoeing skills on one of Vermont's many beautiful rivers, and the final weekend is a two day class, certifying the students as Level 1 American Canoe Association instructors. Canoe PFD meets once a week in addition, for a classroom session.

Apply: Fall 2018 Canoe PFD Application
Cost: $100

Your Fall 2018 Canoe PFD Coordinators
Kate Longfield
Spencer Schwartz
Emma Gwyn

Backcountry Skiing/Boarding and Avalanche Awareness Program (BSAAP)

This six-week program (offered in the Spring) focuses on traveling safely and having fun in the winter backcountry on skis (telemark, alpine or AT) or snowboard while exploring prime backcountry areas of Vermont and the Presidential Range in NH. Traveling in terrain where avalanche danger exists requires disciplined personal preparation, group expedition planning, diverse skiing and riding skills, and sound avalanche and terrain assessment ability. This program will cover basic safety skills to prepare you to travel in the winter backcountry in all of its rugged beauty. The program will consist of 6 class sessions & three weekend practical trips-the first weekend (two day trips), the second (AIARE Level 1 Avalanche certification (additional cost of $380), optional for those currently certified) and the third an overnight to the Presidential Range of New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Apply: BSAAP Application Winter 2018
Cost: $150

Your Winter 2018 BSAAP Coordinators
Annabelle Hill
Joe Gallucci

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