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Outing Club Alumni Weekend Retreat


To register please email Fiona Byrne at

Schedule of events

Saturday October 8:

9-10 AM: Arrive at the OC house, eat breakfast, issue any borrowed gear, talk with fellow alumi and current leaders

10:30 AM: Depart on selected day trip with packs, lunches, and snacks in tow

     - Day trip options will include a day hike (or 2), a canoe/kayak trip and a climbing trip if there is interest. If any alumni have suggestions please email Fiona Byrne with ideas.

     - After the day trips finish, current OC leaders will bring alumni to the Bolton Cabin (there is limited parking for personal cars at the cabin.)

6 PM: Dinner at the cabin (please bring a bowl, spoon/fork, and mug for the weekend)

Post-dinner: Relaxing by the fire and campfire pies to enjoy! Everyone can sleep in the cabin, in tarp shelters or bring a tent to pitch.

Sunday October 9:

Sunrise hike depending on popular demand

7 AM: Rise and shine! Breakfast time!

8:30-9 AM: Depart on various day activities or hang out at the cabin for the day with a planned return to Burlington around lunch/mid-afternoon

After Trips: Return to OC house and return any gear borrowed. Alumni can leave gear at house and travel around town at their leisure

5 PM: Early dinner to accommodate a long drive home. Dinner at the OC house for the entire leader community (current leaders and alumni), chatting, meeting, and desserts to follow.

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