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Asian Studies Outreach Program

Taste of Thailand at Vermont Academy

Visiting Scholar Parisa at Vermont Academy with the Pad Thai noodles

On March 28, Visiting Scholar Parisa cooked Thai food for the whole school at Vermont Academy. It was two-course meals which were Pad Thai noodles and Tom Yum Kung, a Thai soup known for being spicy.

“It was a tough challenge because I had to figure out how many ingredients I needed for each dish.” Said Parisa. “But it was the most wonderful experience I had so far at Vermont Academy”.

The teachers at Vermont Academy were adventurous and tried all the dishes, and almost all the teachers liked the things Parisa cooked. Many of the students were hesitant to try the Tom Yum Kung soup because they thought Tom Yum Kung might be too spicy to them.

“The reason why I decided to cook Pad Thai is because it's a traditional Thai dish which has rice noodles as well as Tom Yum Kung, which is world's most delicious food.”  

Visiting Scholar Parisa has been at Vermont Academy since January 2012. Since the beginning of her cultural exchange at Vermont Academy, Parisa has also hosted a school-wide presentation of Thai history and culture. Read more about the school-wide lecture here.  In addition, Parisa is providing Thai culture information to the participants of the Institute on Thailand and Its Cultures 2012 summer program.

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