The OrganicA Project Key Personnel:

Lorraine P. Berkett, University of Vermont. Overall project coordinator. Provides overall disease and arthropod subject matter expertise; oversees organic-IPM decisions for research and outreach, primary responsibility for developing organic-IPM component of website, outreach resource materials, answering grower questions, and preparing manuscripts based on research findings.

Renae E. Moran, University of Maine. Coordinates the Maine research/demonstration orchard and the organic apple extension program in Maine and region; provides horticultural and organic weed management subject matter expertise; contributes to horticultural decisions for research and the writing or manuscripts based on research findings; contributes expertise to the further development of website and other resource materials.

M. Elena Garcia, University of Arkansas. Primary responsibility for development of the horticultural component of website, extension resource materials, and hort. manuscripts based on research findings. Because of her broad perspective of what is occurring in organic apple production across North America, she serves as a critical link to organic communities outside the New England region. She also provides a valuable link to other tree fruit researcher and extension personnel in the development of the eOrganic tree fruit discipline group.

Robert L. Parsons, University of Vermont. Provides economic and farm financial management expertise; oversees economic data collection and conducts economic analyses; conducts risk analyses; contributes expertise to the development of economic resource materials and manuscripts.

Heather M. Darby, University of Vermont. Primary role is to monitor and assess the health of the soil in the two orchard systems under investigation in Vermont; offers technical advice to growers in the area of soil health analysis and interpretation; contributes soils expertise in development of resource materials and manuscripts.

Support Personnel:

Terence Bradshaw. Research Technician, University of Vermont.
Sarah Kingsley-Richards. Research Technician, University of Vermont.
Morgan Griffith. Research Technician, University of Vermont.

Erica Cummings. Research Technician, University of Vermont.