The OrganicA Project Progress Report: June 2006 - March 2009

Objective 3: Academic Education Accomplishments

●Developed and offered the undergraduate Organic Fruit Production course at the University of Vermont, taught by John Hayden, an organic farmer himself. The course was filled to capacity during the Fall 2007 semester with 19 students. The course explored basic horticultural, ecological, and marketing concepts through hands-on learning. The course was highly rated by students. A description of the field trips can be found at:

“I thought this was a good introduction to growing organic in the Northeast. The field trips were a key to it being a more in depth learning experience being able to go and see what we are learning about and talk to the farmers about their experiences.”

“I really enjoyed this class. It met and exceeded all expectations I had.”

“Perfectly splendid. The best.”

●Provided “hands-on” learning for student interns (undergraduate and graduate) in the organic apple orchards. OrganicA Interns at the University of Vermont Horticulture Farm were:

Ben Crockett, Undergraduate Student Intern, 2008 and

Morgan Cromwell, Graduate Student Intern, 2006-2008