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Step 7: UVM approval to study abroad

step 7Upon acceptance into your program, you need to obtain final UVM permission to study abroad. Therefore, once you've received acceptance into the program of your choice:


UVM Approval Process Deadlines

For fall, academic year and summer programs:

  • Program/nomination acceptance deadline: March 15
  • UVM iAbroad process deadline: April 15

For spring programs:

  • Program/nomination acceptance deadline: October 22
  • UVM iAbroad process deadline: November 15

Failure to meet the UVM deadlines requires you to take a leave of absence to complete your study abroad program. UVM students on leave are not eligible for the following:

  • receiving financial aid through UVM
  • coverage under health insurance plans requiring full-time student status
  • coverage under SOS International
  • registering for classes along with other UVM students

"Travelers never think that they are the foreigners."
— Mason Cooley

Complete the Budget Worksheet

Note: If you receive financial aid and want to take eligible aid with you when you go abroad, you are required to complete your budget sheet.

Prepare the Budget Worksheet. Complete it according to the program cost information your study abroad program provided to you or visit the program's website and print out their program cost information. Attach any and all cost documentation to your completed budget sheet and return it to our office. If you need assistance filling out your budget sheet, contact OIE to schedule an appointment.

Consider loans, scholarships, grants: Remember that financial aid includes loans, scholarships and grants.

Concerned about financing? See Step 3: Financial considerations for more financial planning information and for information on outside scholarships and grants including the Gilman and Boren.

Complete the UVM approvals (Conditional Acceptance) iAbroad process

Once you have been accepted into your program, approval for overseas study must be obtained through your iAbroad account. Log in to complete this process.

Register for the course entitled "OSSP"
(Overseas Study Program)

After completing UVM approvals in your iAbroad account, OIE will issue you a course override so that you may register for OSSP online during your regularly assigned course registration period. This must be completed before your departure from UVM. Failure to register for OSSP has serious consequences:

  • UVM will not be able to recognize your status as a study abroad student.
  • Your financial aid will not be processed or distributed.
  • You will be unable to access the UVM registration system from abroad.
  • You may jeopardize your emergency assistance insurance coverage and your health insurance if based on full-time student status.

Next step: Plan for your departure

Get ready to go in Step 8: Plan for your departure.

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