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Exchange Programs at UVM

There are two kinds of exchange programs — UVM Bilateral and International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). Please explore each of these below before selecting your study abroad site.

For UVM Students Going Abroad: Deadlines and Application Process

Follow this link for Application Procedures and Deadlines

For International Students who want to study at UVM

Prospective and Current International Exchange Student Information

For UVM Faculty who want to start an Exchange Program

Creating a New Exchange Program

UVM Bilateral Exchange

Bilateral exchange programs provide an opportunity for students to develop skills in their discipline at world class institutions. These programs enrich and diversify the UVM community by bringing international students to our campus who, in turn, foster continuity of programs by establishing long-term relationships between UVM and the foreign institution. UVM Exchange Programs expose students to new cultures by living and studying abroad.

Why else might you want to study on a UVM bilateral exchange program?

  • There is no application fee (other programs charge application fees up to $390). 
  • Out-of-state students pay the tuition exchange rate which is equivalent to a 40% reduction on their typical UVM tuition.
  • If you receive UVM grants or scholarships, that aid (adjusted for changes in tuition) often can assist with costs (this money is not available for external program).
Our Bi-lateral Exchange Partners

Aoyama Gakuin University Aoyama Gakuin University - Details
Overseas Site: Tokyo, Japan
Contacts: OIE (802) 656-4296
Professor Mutsumi Corson,
Asian Studies (802) 656-1117

University of Augsburg University of Augsburg - Details
Overseas Site: Augsburg, Germany
Contacts: OIE (802) 656-4296
Professor Dennis Mahoney
German & Russian Department (802) 656-1476

Cardiff University Cardiff University - Details
Overseas Site: Cardiff, Wales
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

UCD Dublin University College Dublin - Details
Overseas Site: Dublin, Ireland
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

Edith Cowan University Edith Cowan University - Details (Note: Suspended for Academic Year 2015-16)
Overseas Site: Perth, Australia
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

ICN Business School ICN Business School - Details
Overseas Site: Nancy, France
Contacts: OIE (802) 656-4296
Erin Montgomery, School of Business Administration (802) 656-7860

Kansai Gaidai Kansai Gaidai (Note: Closed for Spring 2016) - Details
Overseas Site: Hirakata, Japan
Contact: Profressor Mutsumi Corson,
Asian Studies (802) 656-1117

 University of Lapland - Details
Overseas Site: Rovaniemi, Finland
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

Universidad Panamericana - Details
Overseas site: Guadalajara, Mexico
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296
Special Application Form:

 Universidad de León - Details
Overseas Site: León, Spain
Contacts: OIE (802) 656-4296
Professor Tina Escaja,
Deparment of Romance Languages (802) 656-1361

 University of Newcastle upon Tyne - Details
Overseas Site: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

 Stockholm University - Details
Overseas Site: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

 University of Sussex - Details
Overseas Site: Brighton, England
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

 University of Western Australia - Details
Overseas Site: Perth, Australia
Contacts: OIE (802) 656-4296
Marie Vea-Fagnant
School of Natural Resources (802) 656-3003

 Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - Details
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Overseas Site: Vienna, Austria
Contacts: OIE (802) 656-4296
Erin Montgomery, School of Business Administration (802) 656-7860

 Yaroslavl State University - Details
Overseas site: Yaroslavl Russia
Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296

ISEP International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is a consortium of colleges and universities in 42 countries. This exchange option opens more geographical destinations and offers courses in a variety of majors. Students should meet with a regional Study Abroad Advisor and submit an ISEP application by the deadline listed.  For further information, visit the ISEP website.

Contact: OIE (802) 656-4296


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