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Visa and Visa Waivers

Lectures and Consultations lasting LESS THAN 9 DAYS

Which visa categories are eligible?

The B Visitor's Visa and a J-1 professor or research scholar from another institution with external work authorization from that institution (see next page)

The B Visitor’s Visa: (B-1, B-2, WB and WT)

Purpose: to bring a visitor to UVM for a short period of time (not to exceed 9 days) for an academic activity for which he or she will receive an honorarium and/or a reimbursement for expenses.

Limitations: In addition to the nine (9) day time limit, addition, the scholar must not have accepted payment of expenses and/or honorarium from more than five U.S. institutions or organizations in the previous six months. If any of these conditions is exceeded the individual may NOT receive any honorarium or honorarium plus reimbursement for expenses.

Invitation Process: Departments should send a written invitation letter which the scholar will need to take to the U.S. consulate when they interview for their visa.

Process for paying B visitors "engaged in a usual academic activity lasting less than 9 days":

The Check Request must be supported by the EE vs IC Status Determination Form, and:

1. Documentary evidence of payment eligibility:

  • UVM Business or Tourist Visitor Attestation Form
  • copy of passport information page (unless a Canadian citizen)
  • copy of U.S. visa page (unless a Canadian citizen or on Waiver program); and
  • Form I-94 or I-94 Waiver Arrival/Departure card (unless a Canadian citizen).

2. Form W-8BEN (PDF) with only Part I (lines 1-6) completed by the B visitor.

Honorarium payments to such Nonresident Alien taxpayers are subject to Form 1042-S, "Foreign Person’s Statement of Income," reporting. As a default, the payment will be reduced for income tax withholding, at the combined federal/state rate of 38.1% applies.

An income tax treaty exemption may be pursued by the host department if there is a bilateral income tax treaty in place that would exempt such payment, and if the individual possesses or applies for a US taxpayer identification number. An appointment may be setup on behalf of the visitor with either Kathy or Paul in the Controller’s Office. Contact, 802 656-0674, or, 802 656-0679.

Alternatively, initiating departments may elect to "gross up" the payment to cover taxes by checking "yes" to the Gross-up question on the Check Request and EE vs IC Status Determination Form.

Documents Required to Enter the U.S.: The hosting department should send a letter of invitation outlining the details of the visit including mention of payment of an honorarium and/or reimbursement of expenses. If the visitor does not have a B1/B2 visa stamp in his or her passport, he or she must take this letter to a U.S. Consulate and apply for a visa.

Visa Waiver Program - WB (Business) & WT (Tourist): Individuals eligible to enter the U.S. under the visa waiver program do not require visas and do not have to visit the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. The WB/WT statuses carry the same conditions of the B-1 and B-2 categories. The WB or WT holder may stay in the U.S. up to a maximum of 90 days and cannot extend their program from within the country.

As above for B-1/B-2 visa holders, holders of WB or WT status may be paid an honorarium and or be reimbursed for travel expenses. The countries that participate in the visa waiver program are listed on the State Department website. However starting January 20th 2010 all visa waiver participants MUST pre-register using a system called ESTA.

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