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The J-1 Visa

Contact OIE for J-1 questions and issues.

General Processing Timelines:

8 weeks prior to date of entry to the U.S. or requested start date, whichever is earlier.

Who can be a J-1 visa holder?

The J-1 Exchange Visitor program is used for the following temporary appointments: postdoctoral appointments, non-tenure track, salaried faculty positions, non-salaried Visiting Scholars, and other temporary academic staff appointments. The J-1 visa is also used for visiting students.

More information on: J-1 scholar categories, requirements, and restrictions.

Procedure for requesting J-1 Immigration Documents (The DS-2019 form)


  • First-time Users of iStart:
    • All departmental users must be approved for access to the iStart system. To request access, please visit and follow the tutorial.
  • Approved and Returning iStart Users:
    • Submitting a request for a J-1 DS-2019 - Video tutorial (coming soon!)
    • Adding a visitor and submitting a request for a J-1 DS-2019 in iStart - Paper tutorial
  • Problems?
    • Contact OIE at 802-656-4296

Non-Salaried Scholars and Students

  • For Non-UVM salaried, Visiting Scholars ONLY, a Non-Salaried Visiting Scholar Appointment Form is required for visiting faculty who are fully-funded by external sources and who will receive no salary from UVM. *EXCEPTION: UVM does not process DS-2019s for Fulbright Scholars.
  • For Visiting Graduate Students not funded by UVM: Please review the Graduate College’s Visiting Graduate Student policy and complete the Visiting Graduate Student request form and submit it to the Graduate College.

The SEVIS fee

The SEVIS fee is a fee that must be paid by all J-1 visa holders coming to UVM prior to applying for the J-1 visa at a consulate abroad. Currently, this fee is $180 for J-1 students and scholars and is in addition to the visa application fee.

Should a department wish to pay the fee for an incoming scholar, please notify the J-1 Scholar Coordinator and supply the chart-string you wish to use to cover this fee.

When should the student or scholar have their immigration documents in their hands?

At a bare minimum, 6 weeks prior to the arrival date to accommodate the visa application and interview process at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. Some consular posts have significant waiting periods for visa processing. In general, most strive to provide appointments within two weeks from the student/scholar’s initial request.

How long does it take for OIE to process immigration documents?

We request a minimum of two weeks processing time for all immigration documents. We will strive to produce documents within 5 business days when possible.

When will the scholar receive her/his immigration documents after processing?

OIE sends all documents by UPS Express mail to ensure delivery and the ability to track a package’s whereabouts; generally, most documents will arrive at locations abroad within 3-5 business days. Visiting students/scholars require original immigration documents; electronic copies are not currently acceptable.

UVM Human Resources Process: Learn more.

Post-Arrival Check-In Procedures

All J-1 visa holders must formally check in with the Office of International Education on or before the first day of work/program activities.

To schedule an appointment: Call 656-4296: please indicate the name and visa category of the new arrival (J-1)

What happens at check-in?

  • Formal immigration check-in in the national immigration database, SEVIS (F-1 and J-1)
  • Complete and authorize I-9
  • Complete the International Information Form for the University Controller’s Office; this form ensures that the foreign national is taxed properly among other things. The foreign national will need passport, I-94 card and DS-2019 to complete this form.
  • Review of relevant immigration regulations
  • Refer to the Social Security Administration when relevant for SSN application
  • Verification of required health insurance (J-1 visa holders)
  • General orientation and answers about getting settled in Vermont

More information on Human Resource procedures for international employees

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