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International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation

Welcome to the University of Vermont!

We look forward to meeting you during international student orientation. International student is required of all new international students, and gives you time and information to successfully begin your studies at UVM. Below is a sampling of some of the orientation activities - most of these are required, but we will also give you free time in the afternoons to explore this town which will become your second home! You will receive the exact schedule when you arrive in the USA. Here are answers to a few common questions:

I am a first-year student. Can I go to June orientation instead? International students may attend June orientation, but you will also be expected to attend international student orientation the week before classes begin. For most international students, travel to the USA for June orientation is too expensive and time-consuming. Whether you attend just International Orientation or also join us in June, we will make sure you are well prepared for your first semester at UVM.

If I miss June orientation, how will I register for my courses? In the months and weeks leading up to your first semester, your academic unit will work with you on course advising and selection. Many students will also meet with their advisor in their first days on campus in August.

I am a graduate student who studied in the USA for another degree. Do I need to come to graduate student orientation? Yes. Orientation is required of all of our new students, regardless of how long you have studied in the USA. We cover information about UVM's immigration policies and student resources. These might be different from your past school.

Is there a cost associated with International Student Orientation? No additional costs apply for attending orientation. Students should plan on covering any expenses related to accommodations and meal plans which might not be covered already. See your pre-arrival materials for details.

Orientation Dates


May 17: Global Gateway Students Required Arrival Day
May 18-20: Required International Student Orientation


August 17-19: International Graduate Student Orientation
August 22: Global Gateway Student Required Arrival Day (plus select Exchange Students per acceptance information)
August 22-23: New International Students living on campus may move into Residence Halls. Optional Welcome Activities.
August 24-26: Required International Student Orientation: Undergraduate, Exchange, and Global Gateway Students


January 9: Global Gateway Student Mandatory Arrival Day
January 9 -10: New International Students living on campus may move into Residence Halls. Optional Welcome Activities.
January 11-13: Mandatory International Student Orientation

Sample Educational Sessions

  • Understanding the U.S. Classroom: Learn about the U.S. classroom. We will explain the differences and similarities between what students may encounter in the U.S. that might be different from your home country. We will give you some good tips for success!
  • Adjusting to life in the USA: OIE Staff will discuss how to make a successful transition to living in the USA, and a panel of international students will share tips for meeting Americans, living away from home, and being successful in Vermont!
  • Health and Safety at UVM: Our top priority is ensuring our students are safe and healthy and we have lots of great services to help with this. Learn about services at the Center for Health and Wellbeing and hear from a UVM police offer on how to stay safe in your new town.

Sample Social/Fun Sessions

  • International Trivia Night and Pizza Party: Meet other new international students who have arrived at UVM recently and play a fun game to compete for prizes!
  • Getting Involved at UVM: Part of studying in the USA is having a full "college experience" which includes involvement outside of the classroom. This presentation will highlight some of the on-campus organizations like club sports, social action groups, and cultural groups. We will also give you tips on what things to do for fun around campus and how to know what is going on!
  • Burlington Treasure Hunt: With a team of new friends you will go off campus hunting for clues that will help you get to know Burlington better. This is a fun way to explore the new town.

Sample Activities for setting up your life in Burlington

  • Setting up a US Bank Account/Cell Phone: Orientation Leaders (other UVM students) will take you to local banks and cell phone vendors and help you set up these new things for yourself, if you would like that assistance. This is optional, but it is more fun to do this with friends than on your can be quite confusing otherwise!
  • Campus Tour: We will show you where your classes are, where you can use the gym, places students most prefer to eat and hang out, and other important things so that you know how to get around our beautiful campus.
  • Free Time to Explore Burlington: Much of the fun of living in a new place is having time to see all of the great things it has to offer, and Burlington has a lot. We will give you free time and also lots of tips of great things to do, like a walk down to play frisbee by the lake, checking out a restaurant on Church Street, or perhaps catching a free concert in the park!

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