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Office of Health Promotion Research, COM Annual Report 2005

Office of Health Promotion Research

Update from University of Vermont, College of Medicine Annual Report 2005

The Office of Health Promotion Research is a nationally-recognized center dedicated to research on critical behaviors affecting population health.

The Vermont Breast Cancer Surveillance System led by Berta Geller records all mammography performed in Vermont, and links these reports to pathology and cancer registry data for individual women. The VBCSS is one of six collaborating centers funded by the National Cancer Institute. This consortium has received international recognition for contributions to practice and utilization of screening mammography. Dr. Geller also leads studies addressing colorectal cancer screening participation among low education adults and breast cancer screening behavior among breast cancer survivors.

Our group is conducting a multi-state test of theory-based mass media campaigns to reduce youth cigarette smoking. John Worden is principal investigator and project leader for assessment of strategies to reach young audiences through radio and television messages; Brian Flynn is leader for assessment of message impact on smoking prevalence; and Laura Solomon is evaluation impact of cessation messages on adolescent smokers. A similar project addresses adolescent marijuana use prevention.

Development of effective cigarette smoking cessation programs for adults has been a priority area. Dr. Solomon collaborates on studies assessing impact of counseling and incentives on smoking cessation in pregnant women, and has made significant contributions to assessment of cessation services supplies through telephone counseling. Dr. Theodore Marcy is developing methods to assist primary care physicians to implement national cigarette cessation guidelines for their patients.

Dr. Craig Trumbo is opening new research strategies for the group on risk perception and risk communication applied to topics as diverse as cancer clusters and participation in cancer screening. Dr. Flynn is developing new research studies on obesity prevention, focusing on pre-school children in child care programs.

Members of the group participate in scientific peer review committees and serve as advisors and leaders for public health activities in Vermont and for national programs. Drs. Flynn and Marcy serve on the state's oversight board for tobacco control programs; Dr. Solomon serves on the scientific advisory panel for this program. Active engagement with scientific peer review and public health practice contributes to the relevance of our work.

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