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OHPR Abstract 93

Abstract 1990-1999

Tang TS, Solomon LJ, Yeh CJ, Worden JK. The role of cultural variables in breast self-examination and cervical cancer screening behavior in young Asian women living in the United States. J Behav Med. 1999 Oct;22(5):419-36.

This study examined cultural factors as predictors of breast self-examination (BSE) and participation in cervical cancer screening in young Asian and Caucasian women in the United States. Comparisons between Asian and Caucasian samples revealed significant differences in ever performing BSE and obtaining a pap test; the Caucasian women reported higher participation in both behaviors. Factor analysis of cultural barriers to screening revealed four factors: communication with mother, openness around sexuality, prevention orientation, and utilization of Western medicine. Logistic regression predicting BSE performance from demographics, acculturation, and cultural barriers revealed openness around sexuality to be a significant predictor. Pap test participation was predicted by year in college, ever having engaged in sexual intercourse, prevention orientation, and global acculturation. Cultural factors should be considered in programs to enhance participation in cancer screening.

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