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OHPR Abstract 92

Abstract 1990-1999

Solomon LJ, Secker-Walker RH, Skelly JM, Flynn BS. Stages of change in smoking during pregnancy in low-income women. J Behav Med. 1996 Aug;19(4):333-344.

Examined effects of a smoking cessation intervention on stages of smoking change in 349 low-income pregnant women. At the 1st prenatal visit (PNV), Ss were randomized into experimental or usual care conditions and were classified by stage of change: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, or action. For each stage of change at the 1st PNV, the stage distributions of the experimental and usual care groups were compared at the 2nd PNV and the 36-wk PNV. Kruskal-Wallis tests reveal significant differences at the 2nd PNV in the stage distributions by condition for Ss who were initially in precontemplation or in preparation. In each case, a greater proportion of experimental than usual care Ss advanced through the stages. The shift was not maintained at the 36-wk PNV. Results suggest that the greatest interest and commitment to quitting smoking occurred prior to the 1st PNV, followed by diminished enthusiasm as the pregnancy progressed.

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