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Abstract 1990-1999

Solomon LJ, Mickey RM, Rairikar CJ, Worden JK, Flynn BS. Three-year prospective adherence to three breast cancer screening modalities. Prev Med. 1998 Nov-Dec;27(6):781-6.

BACKGROUND: This study prospectively examined rates of adherence to mammography, clinical breast examination (CBE), and breast self-examination (BSE) in a cohort of women over 3 years to determine whether participation in BSE influenced participation in the other two screening modalities. METHODS: Women ages 51 and older (n = 450) who attended a small group educational session to learn BSE and to hear about CBE and mammography guidelines were assessed annually by telephone for 3 consecutive years to determine their subsequent breast cancer screening behavior. RESULTS: Annual CBE and mammography screening are highly positively associated. Regular performance of BSE has a modest positive association with both CBE and mammography adherence over time. CONCLUSIONS: Women who perform BSE regularly over time may be more likely to adhere to the other breast cancer screening guidelines.

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