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OHPR Abstract 87

Abstract 1990-1999

Shepperd SL, Solomon LJ, Atkins E, Foster RS, et al. Determinants of breast self-examination among women of lower income and lower education. J Behav Med. 1990 Aug;13(4):359-371.

Investigated breast self-examination (BSE) frequency and quality and determinants of BSE practice in 71 women of childbearing age who were of lower income and lower education and 51 women of childbearing age who were of higher income and higher education. Ss completed a questionnaire addressing BSE frequency, quality, and factors that might influence performance. There were no differences in mean BSE frequency or quality between the 2 samples. The perceived barriers index, consisting of forgetting, exclusive reliance on medical personnel for breast exams and low confidence in ability to perform BSE, was the single best predictor of BSE frequency, accounting for 67% of the variance in both samples. When quality of BSE was examined, knowledge of BSE was the best predictor.

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