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OHPR Abstract 31

Abstract 1990-1999

Brand PA, Rothblum ED, Solomon LJ. A comparison of lesbians, gay men, and heterosexuals on weight and restrained eating. Int J Eat Disord. Vol 11(3) Apr 1992, 253-259.

124 lesbians, 13 gay men, 133 heterosexual women, and 39 heterosexual men were compared on weight, dieting, preoccupation with weight, and exercise activity. Heterosexual women and gay men reported lower ideal weights and tended to be more preoccupied with their weights than were lesbians or heterosexual men. Gender was a more salient factor than sexual orientation on most variables, with both lesbians and heterosexual women reporting greater concern with weight, more body dissatisfaction, and greater frequency of dieting than did gay or heterosexual men. Results indicate that both lesbians and heterosexual women are influenced by cultural pressures to be thin, but that these pressure may be greater for heterosexual women.

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