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Abstract 1990-1999

Worden JK, Mickey RM, Flynn BS, Costanza MC, Vacek PM, Skelly JM, Lloyd CM, Landis DC, Myer DM, Noonan MA. Development of a community breast screening promotion program using baseline data. Prev Med. 1994 May;23(3):267-75.

The process of developing a comprehensive community-based breast screening program for the Breast Screening Program Project is presented in this article. Behavior change theories were used to develop a program effects model which served as the conceptual foundation for a comprehensive breast screening program. This program would enlist professional and lay resources to promote breast screening through public and physician education and through improved access to mammography. Baseline survey data were used to focus program components on educational needs of women ages 40 and older for participating in regular mammography, clinical breast exam, and breast self-exam. The program effects model was also used as an evaluation framework to specify the intermediate changes that will be accomplished to reach a hypothesized 15% increase in screening participation between a study area receiving the program and two comparison areas. Results of this study will be of immediate value to other communities planning breast screening promotion programs.

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