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OHPR Abstract 27

Abstract 1980-1989

Frederiksen LW, Richter WT, Johnson RP, Solomon LJ. Specificity of performance feedback in a professional service delivery setting. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management. 1981,1982;3(4):41-53.

Examined the effects of individualized public feedback on maintenance of client charts by therapists in a clinic setting. 21 graduate-student therapists served as Ss. Four types of charting errors were tracked throughout the study. In Phase 1, feedback on 2 types of charting errors was provided and withdrawn in an ABA fashion. Phase 2 was a systematic replication of Phase 1 in which feedback was provided on the other 2 types of charting errors in an AB fashion. Results show that feedback affected only those errors on which it was provided, thus supporting a specificity view of feedback effects. It is suggested that target behaviors be carefully selected and that generalization of feedback effects be assessed and not assumed.

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