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OHPR Abstract 25

Abstract 1980-1989

Brehony KA, Benson BA, Solomon LJ, Luscomb RL. Parents as behavior modifiers: Intervention for three problem behaviors in a severely retarded child. J Clin Child Psychol. 1980 Fal;9(3):213-216.

Assessed the efficacy of training parents as behavior modifiers of problem behaviors displayed by their 7-yr-old severely retarded son. The targeted problem behaviors included throwing objects, refusing to comply with parental commands, and refusing to sit in a chair at a table. The case is unique in that the S's retardation resulted from a rare chromosomal aberration previously unexplored in the behavioral therapy literature. Parents were instructed in a simple behavioral treatment package consisting of verbal punishment and reinforcement. Treatment was assessed according to a multiple-baseline-across-behaviors design. Results show significant improvement on all 3 target behaviors after intervention. Transfer of training to the natural environment was assessed at 2-mo follow-up; results show maintenance of behavioral improvement.

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