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Abstract 2000-2008

Trumbo CW. Mass-mediated information effects on testicular self-examination among college students. J Am Coll Health. 2004 May-Jun;52(6):257-61.

The author assessed the effects of a youth-targeted national cable broadcast that promoted testicular self-examination (TSE). A telephone survey of 524 college men included variables from the theory of reasoned action, as well as measures of self-exam compliance, message exposure, knowledge, attention, and the effects of humor and fear. Exposure to the show, with attitudes and norms controlled for, demonstrated a statistically significant but very weak effect on viewers' behavioral intentions. Although also statistically significant, the effect of the show on awareness, knowledge, and facilitating interpersonal communication was as weak or weaker than its effect on intention. Furthermore, dose measures failed to demonstrate any significant effect among those who saw the show. It is conceivable that the show might be integrated into a broader effort toward TSE education, but the results of this study do not argue that it could be effectively used as a media-only TSE promotion.

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