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Abstract 2000-2008

Worden JK, Mickey RM, Vacek PM, Flynn BS, Solomon LJ, Secker-Walker RH, Skelly JM, Danigelis NL, Geller BM, Warner SL, Clark RA, Foster RS, Vezina JL, Hooper G. Evaluation of a community breast screening promotion program. Prev Med. 2002 Oct;35(4):349-61.

BACKGROUND: This study reports results of a controlled evaluation of a comprehensive community breast screening promotion program. This program promoted increased use of mammography, clinical breast examination, and breast self-examination through community organization, physician training, and public education. METHODS: The program was conducted in one of three matched Florida study areas, with before and after assessment of breast screening behaviors, beliefs, and perceptions of women ages 40 and older. Baseline measures in 1990 were obtained by combining telephone and household survey data; follow-up measures using similar combined data were conducted with 4,096 women in 1997. RESULTS: . There was no evidence that the breast screening promotion program achieved higher levels of screening among women ages 40 and older in the program area. Mammography use and supportive beliefs and perceptions of mammography increased in all three study areas between 1990 and 1997. CONCLUSIONS: Among factors that may have reduced the differential impact of the program were public attention to breast cancer screening in the late 1980s throughout the U.S., effects of managed care, and limited penetration of a key program component. While the program was well received and served the community, its impact was overwhelmed by temporal trends observed in this study.

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