University of Vermont

Department of Financial Analysis & Budgeting

Mission Statement

to actively and creatively support instruction, research, and public service at UVM by producing and communicating financial information which is sophisticated, honest, and useful by:

Information Mission

producing, maintaining, analyzing, and forecasting accurate, impartial, and comprehensive information about the university's financial past, present, and future;

Communication Mission

communicating that information in a clear, useful, and timely manner to constituents inside and outside the university, so they may make the best possible planning, financial policy, and resource allocation decisions;

Management Control Mission

insuring that budgetary decisions are equitable, implemented properly and consistently, and achieving their desired ends;

Advocacy Mission

advocating for strong financial management expertise, systems, and practices at all levels within the university;

Human Resources Mission

attracting and developing a highly skilled team who model the university's commitment to a diverse and participatory work force, and who are dedicated to service and excellence;

Service Mission

providing this service in a professional and personal spirit of respect, honesty, fairness, cooperation, and goodwill.

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