University of Vermont

Department of Financial Analysis & Budgeting


Axiom Budgeting & Financial Reporting System

Axiom is the University's budgeting and management-level financial reporting system.

Multi-Year Salary Planning Training

Initial multi-year salary planning training is complete. Refresher sessions will be offered each spring through Professional Development & Training/PeopleSoft.

Reporting Transition

Axiom financial reports replaced the Excel-based General Fund and Gift & Endowment reports produced by the Office of Operational Excellence in FY18. Axiom is the basis for quarterly budget-to-actual certifications starting with Q1 FY18 (Sept 30).

Reporting Training

Initial user training for reporting is complete. Regular training sessions will be offered each semester, starting in September, through Professional Development & Training/PeopleSoft.

Budgeting Training

Look for an open lab schedule in the spring

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