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Budget Building Materials

Budget Building Materials and Forms

Please note: FY 2016 Materials will be posted as they become available
Budget Building Forms
UNR General Fund
• Budget Building Frequently Asked Questions  
• FY 2016 Budget-Building Overview  TBD
• FY 2016 EPM refresher training and open lab schedules  
• FY 2016 BFAN Agenda April 24, 2015 TBD   
• Suggested Steps for FY 2016 Main Campus Budget Building TBD
• Job Standards & FY 2016 Pay Bands for Budget Building TBD  
UNR Income & Expense
• Income Expense Manual  
• Income Expense Budget Template     
• FY 2016 Income/Expense Budget Parameters  TBD
• FY 2016 Income/Expense Budget Guidelines  TBD
• Proposal to Establish an Income Bearing Activity   
• Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)    
• Reappropriation Request Template     
UNR Plant
• Equipment Reserve Transfer Request Template     
Position Management; Salary Guidelines
• FY 2016 Wage and Salary Increase Guidelines for Non-represented Staff  TBD
• FY 2016 Faculty Salary Guidelines  TBD
• Position Change Order (PCO)     

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