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Adding a Minor to the Neuroscience Major

Typically, only one course may overlap between your major and your minor. However, there are exceptions to this rule (read on).

For a Neuroscience major with a Psychology minor, the overlapping course is PSYS 053 (PSYC 109; Psychology Research Methods I). Note that PSYS 001 (PSYC 001) counts towards your Psychology minor only. Although PSYS 001 is required by the Neuroscience major, it is counted as "ancillary".

For a Neuroscience major with a Biology minor, BCOR 011/BCOR 012 or BIOL 001/BIOL 002 counts towards your Biology minor only. Although BCOR 011 and BCOR 012 are required by the Neuroscience major, they are counted as "ancillary".

AP Credit in Biology

Students receiving advanced placement credit in high school biology may be eligible to enroll in BCOR 021. BCOR 021 substitutes for BCOR 11 and BCOR 12.



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