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Undergraduate Neuroscience Program at The University of Vermont

The University of Vermont's Board of Trustees approved a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience that was added to the College of Arts and Sciences curriculum effective Fall 2010 as well as a Minor in Neuroscience effective Fall 2016. Both the neuroscience major and minor at UVM were designed as a collaborative effort of faculty in Biology, Psychology, Communication Sciences, and the College of Medicine, and joins ranks with a strong neuroscience graduate program and an active, energetic neuroscience research community within the university.

Recent courses approved to fulfill requirements for neuroscience majors/minors


We have recently made several changes to the curriculum, which are listed below.  Please note that if you started at UVM prior to the fall of 2016, you may choose to fulfill either the new requirements (now listed on this website and described below) or the curriculum required when you started at UVM (you can find old requirements in the UVM Catalogue).  If you have any questions, please see your advisor, or contact Professor Hammack at

New Changes:

- The 4 credit NSCI 110, Exploring Neuroscience course will now be split into NSCI 111, Exploring Neuroscience (lecture only, 3 credits) and NSCI 112, Exploring Neuroscience Laboratory (1 credit) starting in spring of 2017.

-Under the Foundational Course Listing, students may now choose either PSYS 111, Learning, Cognition and Behavior OR CSD 281, Cognitive Neuroscience.  We receommend that CSD 281 be taken BEFORE NSCI 111.

-PSYS 214, Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience has replaced CSD 281, Cognitive Neuroscience as a required Advanced Core Neuroscience Course.

-PSYS 218, Hormones and Behavior, and PSYS 252, Emotional Development and Temperament have been officially added to the Behavioral/Cognitive Advanced Course Option List.

-NSCI 255, Neuroregeneration and PHARM 201, Introduction to Pharmacology have been officially added to the Cell/Molecular Advanced Course Option List.

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