Supplemental Materials

Data share drive

Map a network drive to \\zoofiles\gisdata


·         All VCGI data. Simply create a new blank geodatabase in your directory, then copy the feature class/feature data set you need and paste it into your new geodatabase. For rasters you may find it’s easier just to download from

·         Vermont Imagery: color NAIP imagery, BW ortho photos

·         Scanned topo maps (DRGs)

·         ESRI data for nation and world


GIS data sites: Vermont

Click here for the Vermont GIS (VCGI) homepage, where you can get all sorts of Vermont GIS data for your projects.

Click here for access to selected Chittenden County and Burlington data (password protected)

Click here for Northwest Vermont Streets data (password protected)

GIS data sites: Other States

Click here for Maine GIS data.

Click here for Connecticut GIS data.

Click here for New York State GIS data

Click here for Massachusetts GIS data.

Click here for New Hampshire GIS data.

Click here for New Jersey GIS data.

Click here for GIS data from Montana and other parts of the Intermountain west

Click here for Washington state GIS data.

Click here for 1990 California census tracts and demographic data, with 1997 projections

GIS data sites: Nationwide

Click here to access the National Map Viewer and Download Platform, where you can access all map themes of The National Map, including much of the data below.

Click here to access the USGS EROS data center, where you can download DEMs, NEDs, LULC, NLCD, and DLGs, as well as documentation on all of these data types.

Click here for the USDA’s Geospatial Data Gateway, including agricultural land boundaries, many high res color air photos, soils, watersheds, etc.

Click here for the USGS/EPA’s National Hydrography Dataset (viewer may require Internet Explorer with popup blocker turned off)

Click here for USFWS National Wetlands Inventory maps

Click here to access census TIGER data and other free data from Esri.

Click here to access Census TIGER data

Click here to access Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data from Esri

Click here to access NRCS soils data (SSURGO)

Click here to access NRCS soils data (STATSGO2)

Click here for the federal government’s geodata site.

Click here for the National Atlas data layers (variety of stuff)

Click here for MapMart, a great source of free nationwide data.


Student Project Examples (password protected)


Learning resources

Video lectures by Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne

What is GIS?

Getting started with GIS

Map layout

Queries and tabular joins

Attributes: math operations

Overlay analysis

Spatial join

Vector analysis

Raster overview

Raster analysis

Remote Sensing I: Introduction to Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing II: Processing, Feature Extraction, and Sensors

Editing vector data

Mapping density

Working with ArcGIS and Google Earth

Working with ArcGIS and Google Maps

Using ArcHydro to delineate watersheds Note that for doing this in VT, you can use VCGI’s VT HydroDEM which allows you to skip the pre-processing steps.


ESRI online courses

If you’d like to take any ESRI online courses, most are available to UVM students for free. Go to for more information.


Datums and Projections:

Basic readings from mentor software. Follow the links for additional readings.

Datums, who needs ‘em anyway? By ESRI

More advanced readings from NOAA 

Map Projection Basics from Hunter College


Data Input:

Click here for good, concise readings on remote sensing from the Virtual Science Center in Singapore.

Click here for a good instructional movie on GPS from Trimble Navigation Ltd. (about 30 megs)

Click here for an excellent technical description of GPS, from Peter H. Dana, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder