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Noyce Scholar

Noyce Scholars

  • Jessica Frank Jessica Veit Frank
    2013-2014 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
  • I came to Vermont in 2003 to study Natural Resources as the University of Vermont. My undergraduate studies allowed me many opportunities to get involved with with field projects including; A Natural Resources Assessment of Moose Bog: West Ferdinand, Vermont, and G.I.S. mapping for Cerro Azul, Honduras. Upon graduating from the University of Vermont I spent two years dabbling in outdoor education, riparian restoration, and travel. Upon returning to Vermont I found myself in Stowe with a desire to work within the local school system.

    After spending two years working in special education at Stowe High School I was inspired to seek additional education in the fields of curriculum and instruction. The Noyce program has afforded me the opportunity to become the first member of my family to pursue graduate studies. I look forward to having my own classroom and integrating the needs of a diverse student population!

    • David McNally David McNally
      2013-2014 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
      Earth & Space and Biology
    • As a member of the fall 2013 Noyce Scholar cohort, I am pursuing a new career focus in science education because I believe teaching and learning are critical to our future. Before enrolling in UVM's MAT program, I was working on international conservation/development in Africa. I oversaw projects supporting community forestry and climate-change mitigation projects in West and Central Africa with Rainforest Alliance and community development in Niger and Ghana with the US Peace Corps. My family and I lived and worked for nearly 10 years in West Africa. I have worked for the International Soil Fertility Development Center, CARE International, NOAA, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and Louisiana State University. I earned both a MS in Oceanography and Coastal Science and a BS in Environmental Management Systems from Louisiana State University.

      When not spending time with my family or in studies, I like to practice the Chinese martial arts of kung fu and tai chi chuan and dabble in music and poetry. I am also a big fan of stand-up comedy. Having a good sense of humor is something I try to work on everyday.

      • Kristina Runde Kristina Runde
        2013-2014 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
      • A native of Maryland, Kristina Runde spent her undergraduate years at Colorado State University. As a freshman at CSU, Kristina had every intention of becoming a veterinarian, studying first Animal Science and then Zoology to further this effort. Later, Kristina switched to studying Horticulture. She earned her Bachelor of Science in this area, along with a minor in Spanish and multiple honors, in 2012. Shortly after finishing her degree at Colorado State, Kristina realized that her calling was to teach Biology at the high school level. To this end, she enrolled in UVM's Secondary Education program to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching.

        Kristina's ideal classroom is an outdoor classroom. She believes that the most engaging and effective way to understand biology is to experience it firsthand. She intends to apply her Animal Science and Horticulture background, as well as her passion for local and sustainable food, to her teaching efforts by operating an on-campus educational farm. Kristina believes this will allow students not only to "see" the biology around them in real-world settings, but also to positively impact both their natural environment and their school environment. Kristina's fervent hope is that her students will carry all they learn from her class into their adult lives and use their knowledge and understanding of biology to improve their own lives and the lives of others.

        • Ashley Barnes Ashley Barnes
          2012-2013 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
        • I attended the University of Vermont and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science in 2011. I took a year off to pursue my interests in animal rights and welfare and ended up working with teenagers all around the country. I decided to follow my passion for both science and teaching and landed in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the University of Vermont in 2012. The Noyce Scholarship Program provided me with the resources that I needed to follow my passion for teaching high school science. I was able to enroll in the MAT program thanks to the Noyce Scholarship and I was able to attend conferences and meetings that opened my eyes to the many opportunities out there in the world of science education.

          Through the MAT program I completed my student teaching at Mt. Abe High School where I taught Astronomy, Biology and 9th Grade Earth Science. I was able to develop my teaching practices and grow as an educator over the course of the year. I now work at Essex High School and I absolutely love my job and the students that I work with.

          • Samantha Ogilvie Samantha Ogilvie
            2012-2013 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
          • I attended the University of Vermont and obtained my Bachelors of Science in microbiology and molecular genetics. After graduation I decided to continue my education in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the University of Vermont after experiences I had as a teaching assistant and residential advisor. I am passionate about life science, which started with the fantastic teachers I had in both high school and college. I hope to share this passion with my students, and although I know that every student will not love science, I hope I can make science interesting and relevant to their lives and help them better understand the world around them. The Noyce Scholarship Program has provided me with the resources I needed to pursue a career in teaching.

            At the end my student teaching about genetics I included a couple of lessons about current discoveries and controversies within the field of genetics. One of the topics we covered was genetically modified foods. The following day on of my students who had done poorly during the previous semester of biology and was frequently disengaged in class brought in articles from the Burlington Free Press about the genetically modified food debate in Vermont. Inspiring one of my students to pursue learning outside of the classroom was a particularly memorable teaching moment for me.

            • Heather Cutler Heather Cutler
              2012-2013 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
            • I am from Waterbury, Vermont, and I am pursuing a career as a high school or middle school science teacher. As an undergraduate I majored in physics, with a minor in math and history. I completed my student teaching for the UVM MAT program at Montpelier High School, in Montpelier, Vermont. The Noyce Program has helped me develop my teaching practices and explore my future role in education while offering me the opportunity to reach out to address the needs of my local community.

              I hope to inspire students to see the connection between science and their lives. A memorable teaching experience I had was when students designed a demonstration to illustrate conservation of energy and they were really engaged in the collection and analysis of data.

            • Thomas Payeur Thomas Payeur
              2011-2012 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
            • I pursued a double major in mathematics and economics in my undergrad at UVM. During my time in the MAT program, I student taught at Mt. Abraham Union High School in Bristol, VT. Being a part of the Noyce program brought incentive and focus in regards to my desire to teach students who are underserved in our nation. The Noyce program helped me feel confident in my abilities to advocate for my very diverse students and to bring them the world-class education they deserve. I am currently finishing up my first year teaching at Winooski High School in Winooski, VT.

            • Samuel Bromley Samuel Bromley
              2011-2012 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
              Biology & Geology
            • I did my undergraduate studies at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. I went in thinking i wanted to be a biology major but switched to geology my sophomore year after doing a study abroad experience with Sea Education Association, in which we sailed in the caribbean for 6 weeks conducting various research projects. I decided to get a MAT because I wanted to combine a passion for the sciences with a passion for working with young people. After college I lead trips for Wilderness Ventures out of Jackson, WY to Hawaii and Fiji for several summer and spent my winters teaching skiing to pre-K-12th graders in Crested Butte, CO. After several seasons of this I started a bicycle delivery business in Burlington that specialized in heavy cargo delivery. I enjoyed spending my days on bikes but eventually came to realize that I wanted to be teaching and working with young adults on a regular basis.

              I chose teaching because it allowed me to combine my love of science with my desire to work with young people. I also chose teaching because I felt like it would give me the opportunity to do something different every single day. My most memorable teaching experiences have often centered around the times when I have incorporated the arts and music into my teaching of science. I find that by broadening the way I teach to include art, music, math, reading, etc. I am better able to engage students in the task at hand. The Noyce program afforded me the opportunity to learn more about teaching STEM topics.

            • Christopher Palmer Christopher Palmer
              2011-2012 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
              Engineering & Biology
            • I'm from Fairfield, CT and got my undergraduate degree in Engineering Science from Tufts University 2008. I enrolled in the MAT program at UVM in Fall 2011 and during my student teaching, I taught biology and anatomy and physiology at U-32 High School. I currently teach 7th and 8th grade science at BFA-Fairfax. I am a teacher because I believe that schools can be transformative places. They're where kids develop the habits of mind that make it possible to pursue their dreams. Being part of the Noyce Program's mission to bring quality math and science teachers to students in high need schools makes me proud to be a teacher.

            • Annie Davis
              2011-2012 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
            • I majored in Biology at the University of Dayton and student taught at Montpelier High School in Vermont. The Noyce program made it possible for me to return to school and realize my lifelong career goal of becoming a high school biology teacher. I taught AP Biology during my first year of teaching and am currently looking for a job.

              • Danielle Cloutier-Simons
                2011-2012 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
              • I completed both my undergrad and graduate degrees at UVM. I majored in biology and decided to go back for my teaching degree. I was very fortunate to have completed my student teaching at Montpelier High School. The Noyce Program was helpful in giving support during my student teaching and in connecting us with other student teachers and community resources. The best part was meeting with different schools or organizations that had partnered together to enhance how Science was taught, teaching me the value of thinking outside the box in order to provide experience for students. I currently live in Washington DC and teach at a charter school in the city.

                • Sarah Van Dyke Sarah Van Dyke
                  2010-2011 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
                  Earth & Space Science
                • I studied Earth Science at Dartmouth College and decided to pursue an MAT after completing a teaching internship abroad in China. I interned with Gabe Hamilton at Mt. Abe in Foundational Science and Astronomy, and though I teach neither of those subjects now, I could not have picked a better teacher to work with and learn from.

                  The most valuable experience I had as a Noyce Scholar was attending a week-long conference at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo that was hosted by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I also greatly valued mentorship from the UVM professors and the supportive bond within my cohort!

                  • Michael Coleman Michael Coleman
                    2010-2011 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
                  • I am a second-year chemistry teacher at Hillside High School in Hillside, New Jersey. The Noyce Program introduced me to best practices of secondary education. The small class sizes and engaged faculty afforded productive and personally enlightening discussions. I am appreciative of the extensive observing and student teaching opportunities made available at the Mount Abraham Union HS. I am also grateful for the financial assistance provided by the Noyce Scholarship as a student at the University of Vermont.

                    • Caitlin Hussey
                      2010-2011 Noyce MAT Program Scholar
                    • I attended Bennington College for my undergraduate degree and studied Physics and Teaching. Through the Noyce Scholars Program, I student taught at Montpelier High School with Anne Watson (who is amazing!). I currently teach Physics at Kents Hill School, a boarding school in Maine.

Noyce Summer Research Interns

  • Niklas Gick Niklas Gick
    2013 Noyce Summer Research Intern
  • Because of the Noyce summer internship, I had the opportunity to be a research assistant in Professor Hammack's lab in the psychology department. My work focused on the relationship between stress, the bed nucleus of the striatum terminalis (BNST), and the neuropeptide PACAP, by using animal models. I learned and applied all the skills necessary to work with rats from the beginning of an experiment to the end. Working in Prof. Hammack's lab amongside dedicated undergrads, graduate students, post docs, and even Professor Hammack himself, was an amazing and humbling experience.

    The Noyce Summer Internship Program is phenomenal. I am a neuroscience undergraduate who loves all aspects of neuroscience and likes the idea of pursuing that area of study a long way. However, I have always been fascinated by the prospect of being a secondary education teacher. Before starting in this program, I feared that the two were mutually exclusive, but it turned out that this program was exceptionally well suited to help me understand how the two can be combined. By itself, the program helped me cement my passion for neuroscience, but also showed me a different perspective on how I could realistically reach both goals.

    • Elizabeth Caron Elizabeth Caron
      2010 Noyce Summer Research Intern
    • I performed research in a plant soil science lab at UVM. The goal of my research was to find a non-toxic deterrent against plant parasitic nematodes. In our lab, we also performed experiments on the invasive exotic species 'Hemlock Wooly Adelgid.' We hoped to prevent that the result of this research would slow the rate at which this species is spreading in Vermont.

      • Rebecca Watson
        2011 Noyce Summer Research Intern
        Chemistry, Psychology

      • The Noyce Scholars Program afforded me the opportunity to conduct research during the summer following my freshman year. That summer I worked in Dr. Rory Waterman's inorganic and organometallic research laboratory. This early exposure sparked my interest in research, and was an important factor in my choice to pursue a graduate career. I am currently applying to graduate school, and hope to start my graduate studies in the fall. My long-term goal is to obtain my doctrine in organic synthetic chemistry and to potentially pursue a career in academia.

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