The National Institute on Leadership, Disability and Students Placed at Risk A collaboration between faculty of California State University, Roger Williams University, the Universities of Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Sam Houston State University
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About the Institute Modules Contact Feedback Site Map

Dear Professor,

Welcome to the dissemination site of the National Institute on Leadership, Disability and Students Placed at Risk. Here you will find a variety of resources, in the form of modules, that can be inserted into your existing courses related to instructional leadership and social justice to assist you in the preparation of educational leaders.

The modules have been developed by leading scholars in the field of educational administration, from colleges and universities across the country. The modules have all been peer-reviewed and revised, but we also want your input. We want to know what worked and what could be improved. While there is no charge for downloading and using any of the materials from this site, we ask that you register, so we can learn more about what you thought of the module content and activities.

You can search for module content by keyword, discipline, lead author, and/or title. We also invite you to browse the modules: each module has an abstract and a table of contents, so you can determine if the content is relevant to your needs before downloading the entire module.

We thank you for your interest in the Institute, and look forward to hearing about your experiences with these materials.

Katharine Shepherd and
Susan Brody Hasazi