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We are pleased to announce the following faculty have joined the Neuroscience Graduate Program!

  • Gregory Holmes, MD, Professor and Chair of Neurological Sciences
  • Matthias Brewer, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Alicia Ebert, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Alice Schermerhorn, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Dawei Li, PhD, Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • Joshua Bongard, PhD, Associate Professor of Computer Science

NGP and the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program collaborate

dptThe NGP steering committee worked with the Dept of Rehabilitation and Movement Science (RMS) and the Graduate College to create a training track for students earning a doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) so they can earn a PhD in neuroscience.  Students co-apply to both programs, and are accepted into NGP if they are competitive with our normal pool of top applicants and they have been accepted into the DPT program.  As with MD/PhD students, the DPT students will transfer credits of relevant courses into NGP.  They will have the choice of any NGP mentor, but are most likely to train with our excellent faculty in RMS.  For more information about this program, please click here.

Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship receives funding

snurfWe are pleased to announce that our long-standing Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SNURF) program received funding from the National Science Foundation through a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) grant program.  In addition, the College of Medicine is providing funding for two SNURFs.  NGP faculty members Felix Eckenstein and Gene Delay co-direct this program.  This year, the program received 235 applications from outstanding undergraduates throughout the US.  We have a highly diverse and extremely bright group of 10 students who are now "on board" for 10 weeks this summer. Faculty mentors are: Rona Delay, Bill Falls, Bryan Ballif, Jom Hammack, Felix Eckenstein, Jeff Spees, Rae Nishi, Margaret Vizzard, George Wellman, and Hugh Garavan.

Successful Spring  for Neuroscience Outreach

Our NGP Graduate Students and undergraduate neuroscience majors were active in the Burlington School District, this past March teaching students in grades 3-6 about the brain. Some of the activities that the school students participated in were: brain safety using an egg and a safety helmet, comparative anatomy using plaster models of animal brains, and illustrating how neurons work with a giant neuron model.
Once again our students helped with the Vermont Brain Bee held in the Sullivan Auditorium at the College of Medicine. Alexandra Potter, Asst. Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry delivered the keynote address, “Adolescents, Impulsivity and Brain Function.”
NGP students volunteered at the 2013 Vermont State Science & Math Fair held on April 13, 2013 at the Science Complex at Norwich University in Northfield, VT. Our students helped judge the 250 science projects and presentations.

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