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Neuroscience Graduate Program

About UVM Neuroscience Graduate Program

About Our Program

aboutThe goal of this training program is to provide rigorous training in neuroscience research together with development of associated survival skills such that our graduates are effective stewards of Neuroscience. This will be accomplished by a combination of didactic course work, advanced courses that emphasize training in effective communication and evaluation, basic science research, community outreach, opportunities for clinical research, undergraduate teaching, local neuroscience retreats and meetings, and attendance at national meetings.

Program Objectives:

  • To establish a core knowledge in all students of the areas of molecular, cellular, developmental, systems and biobehavioral neuroscience.
  • To train individuals who can understand, create and undertake hypothesis-based approaches to research.
  • To develop a keen sense of analytical thinking and logic in the evaluation of one's own work as well as that of others.
  • To create effective teachers and communicators of neuroscience.
  • To foster independence in thinking, laboratory work, teaching, and communicating

Program Highlights:

  • Training in neuroscience research leading to a PhD
  • Personal attention in a friendly and interactive environment
  • Develop skills in scientific thinking, teaching, communication, and writing
  • Partner in the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate
  • More than 50 faculty from nine departments in a wide array of disciplines
  • Core Facilities for Imaging, Microarray, DNA sequencing, Proteomics
  • Financial support for all matriculating students


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