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Dear Friends and Colleagues

It is with honor, privilege and pleasure that the Organizing Committee invites you to the upcoming 8th International Symposium on VIP, PACAP and Related Peptides, September 3 - 8,  2007, at The Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester Village, Vermont, USA.  Vermont is located in New England and true to its name, it is renowned for its pristine mountains, rivers and lakes.  It is the destination of many seeking the outdoors and nature’s many activities.   Although the images of Vermont recall tranquil, pastoral and idyllic scenes of small villages with tall white steeples, at the foothills of the Green Mountains lies one of the great resort hotels the Northeast has to offer.  The Equinox is a venerable institution and over its 200 year history has been host to many historical figures, including fathers of the American Revolution, American Presidents and other celebrities.  In addition to its elegant rooms, buildings and luxurious spa, The Equinox is home to world class amenities and cuisine in the midst of an authentic New England village.  We invite you to preview the facilities at - and it is against this backdrop that we plan to host the next International Symposium.

Our aims are twofold.  Firstly, we aim to organize a productive and successful meeting where all of us can share our recent data and information.  Accordingly, we have every intention of developing a rigorous program highlighting recent advances in the scientific sessions, not only at the primary meeting site, but also at the satellite symposium planned for the Medical Center at the University of Vermont.  The University Medical Center is in the completion stages of a Renaissance reconstruction and with the new facilities, well suited to host a highly visible meeting.  In these settings, we hope that new ideas, friends and collaborations can be fostered to the benefit of everyone.  Secondly, we recognize that the Northeastern region of the country may not be familiar to many people.  To amend that circumstance, we plan to highlight activities and sights that will be representative of our segment of the world.  We hope that you will not only participate in the symposiums, but also have the flexibility to extend your visit to enjoy the pleasures of our countryside.  We plan to communicate detailed plans to you in the coming months.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas for either the scientific program or recreational activities.  We very much look forward to your visit.


Victor May, Rodney L. Parsons
Karen M. Braas, Douglas E. Brenneman, Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, Robert W. Hamill,
Illana Gozes, Gary M. Mawe, Terry W. Moody, Joseph R. Pisegna, and Margaret A. Vizzard