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Congratulations to NGP Alumni!

John DeWitt, PhD, has matched for a residency in pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.

Gregory Lieberman, PhD, will be pursuing a post-doctoral position at the University of New Mexico. He will be an IARPA/DHS-funded post-doctoral fellow in cognitive neuroscience.

Jane Roberts, PhD, has matched for residency in internal medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA.

The Neuroscience Graduate Program recently celebrated the successful completion of a dissertation defense.

Liana Merrill defended on March 11, 2014. Her dissertation was titled: " Effects of Repeated Variate Stress on Urinary Bladder Function: Role of the TRPV4 Sensory Transducer " Liana worked in the lab of Margaret Vizzard, PhD, Department of Neurological Sciences.

NGP Student in UVM Impact: Graduate Education & Research News!

egEric Gonzalez, student in Margaret Vizzard's lab, has been featured in the March 2014 Graduate College Newsletter. To read article click here.



5th Annual Vermont Brain Beebrainbee

The Fifth Annual Vermont Brain Bee was held at UVM on February 8th. NGP students Willie Curry and Anthony Pappas played major roles in assisting NGP Director Rae Nishi in running the daylong event. Anthony and Willie managed the gross practical, read questions during the bee and participated on a panel among other things. To read more about the Brain Bee, please click here.


Presentation at Annual Society for Neuroscience

NGP Director Rae Nishi recently presented a talk on diversity as one of the "Challenges to Neuroscience Training" in a meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego. During her introduction Dr. Nishi touched on the importance of a diverse workforce, that diversity breeds diversity, and that pre-doctoral students from diverse backgrounds can enrich the educational experience of the entire program. She also noted that recruiting students of diverse backgrounds creates excellent role models for younger students. Students from underrepresented group comprise 21% of UVM NGP; this contrasts with 5.6% across all grad programs at UVM and 12% across all neuroscience grad programs in the US. To view Dr. Nishi's full presentation please click here.

The Neuroscience Graduate Program recently celebrated the successful completion of three defenses.

Nathan Jebbett defended on October 28, 2013. His disseration was titled: "Developmental Methylmercury Toxicity: Effects on Gliogenesis." Nathan's was Felix Eckenstein, PhD, Department of Neurological Sciences.

Gregory Lieberman defended on November 7, 2013. His dissertation was titled: "White Matter Involvement in Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and Neuroplasticity following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy." His advisor was Magdalena Naylor, MD, PhD, Department of Psychiatry

Geoffrey J. Schaubhut defended a master's degree on October 31, 2013. His thesis was titled: "Impact of Task-Independent Emotional Stimuli on Response Inhibition in College-Aged Females" Geoffrey's advisor was Alexandra S. Potter, PhD, Department of Psychiatry.

Congratulations to Gene Cilento!

Gene Cilento was awarded the best poster presentation at the 15th Annual Department of Pharmacology Retreat. The title of Gene's poster was "Trim32 as a Regulator of Potassium Channels in the Brain." Gene is working Dr. Tony Morielli's lab.

Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research

Eric Gonzalez, a graduate student in the lab of Margaret Vizzard, PhD, received a research supplement to promote diversity in health-related research from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) to pursue studies that address the mechanisms underlying lower urinary tract symptoms associated with urinary bladder inflammation.

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