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Rodney C. Scott, MD, PhD
Professor and Vice-Chair for Research, Department of Neurological Sciences


  • MD University of Zimbabwe
  • PhD University of London
Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-4588

Office Hours: by appointment
Office Location: Stafford 118D, 95 Carrigan Drive, Burlington, VT



I straddle the interface between basic and clinical science and have developed skills in both domains. This has enabled me to carry out and lead multidisciplinary research projects, with scientific findings that potentially have major clinical implications.  My research focuses on the etiology and treatment of pediatric learning disorders. I am particularly interested in distinguishing cognitive deficits due to developmental anomalies of the brain from deficits caused by epilepsy driven by abnormal development.  The clinical framework of my research is from my broad background in child neurology and, over the last decade, from my specialty in pediatric epilepsy. My laboratory combines studies in animals using single unit and oscillatory activity as markers of the network together with my work with children suffering from epilepsy. In addition, my work involves transdisciplinary collaborations with computer scientists, educators, imagers, statisticians, and electrophysiologists.

Selected Publications

Kleen, J.K., Scott,  R.C., Holmes, G.L., Roberts, D.W., Rundle M.M., Testorf, M. Lenck-Santini, P.P.  Jobst,  B.C.  (2013).   Hippocampal   lnterictal  Epileptiform  Activity  Disrupts  Cognition  in Humans. Neurology (in press)

Martinos  MM,  Yoong  M,  de-Hann   M,  Scott   RC.  (2013).  The  effects  of  convulsive  status epilepticus on early development; a prospective cohort study. Epilepsia (in press)

Scott  RC,  Holmes  GL.  (2012).  Before  Epilepsy  Unfolds:  Opening  up  the potassium  door  in neonatal seizures. Nat Med. Nov;18(11):1624-5.

Hernan AE, Holmes GL, lsaev D, Scott  RC, lsaeva E. (2012). Altered short-term plasticity in the prefrontal cortex after early life seizures. Neurobiol Dis; 50(2):120-126.

Bender AC, Natala H, Holmes GL, Scott RC, Lenck-Santini PP. (2013). Focal Scn1a knockdown induces cognitive impairment without seizures  Neurobiol Dis; [Epub ahead of print]

Eltze CM, Chong WK, Cox T, Whitney A, Cortina-Borja M, Chin RF, Scott  RC, Cross JH. (2013). A population-based study of newly diagnosed epilepsy in infants. Epilepsia; 54(3): 437-445

Martines MM, Yoong M, Scott  RC, de-Haan M. (2012) Evidence for impaired recognition memory following prolonged febrile seizures. Brain; 135(10):3153-64.

Tyler AL, Mahoney JM, Richard GR, Holmes GL, Lenck-Santini PP, Scott  RC (2012). Functional network changes in hippocampal CA1 after status epilepticus predict spatial memory deficits in rats. J Neurosci; 32(33):11365-76.

Scott   RC,  Holmes  GL  (2012).  Febrile  seizures  and  the  wandering  granule  cell.  Nat  Med; 18(8):1180-2.

D'Argenzio  L, Colonnelli MC, Harrison S, Jacques TS, Harkness W, Scott  RC, Cross JH (2012). Seizure  outcome  after  extratemporal  epilepsy  surgery  in  childhood.  Dev. Med  Child  Neural; 54(11): 995-1000

Lazow SP, Thadani VM, Gilbert KL, Morse RP, Bujarski KA, Kulandaivel K, Roth RM, Scott RC, Roberts DW, Jobst BC (2012). Outcome of frontal lobe epilepsy surgery. Epilepsia; 53(10): 1746- 55.

Kahlenberg  CA, Fadul CE, Roberts DW, Thadani VM, Bujarski KA, Scott RC, Jobst BC (2012). Seizure prognosis of patients with low-grade tumors. Seizure; 21(7):540-5.

Banu  SH, Khan NZ, Hossain M, Ferdousi S, BoydS, Scott RC, Neville B (2012). Prediction of seizure outcome in childhood epilepsies in countries with limited resources: a prospective study Dev Med Child Neurol; 54(10): 918-24

Colonnelli MC, Cross JH, Davies S, D'Argenzio L, Scott RC, Pickles A, Hannan S, Harkness W, Heyman  I (2012). Psychopathology  in children before and after surgery for extratemporal lobe epilepsy. Dev Med Child Neurol.;54(6}:521-6.

Duffy  B, Choy M, Riegler J, Wells JA, Scott RC, Lythgoe MF (2012). Imaging Seizure-Induced Inflammation using an Antibody Targeted Iron Oxide Contrast Agent. Neuroimage; 60(2):1149-55.


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