University of Vermont

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Ellen Cornbrooks


Imaging/Physiology Core Director

MS, Ecology and Microscopy, Bowling Green State University
MA Literature, Western Michigan University
BA, Biology and English, Western Michigan University


My experience as a microscopist and teacher over the last decade gives me a broad perspective, both theoretical and practical, in the field of imaging and analysis. As operational director of the COBRE Imaging and Physiology Core, I use my technical skills to make our microscopy systems functional and accessible to a wide range of investigators at the University of Vermont. My background helps me quickly assess the needs of our NGP researchers, and provide them the assistance they need to efficiently collect high quality data. To that end, I have several ongoing research collaborations concerning non-traditional neurotransmission, neurotoxicity, and neuroanatomy. Finally, I organize and co-teach an imaging course, ANNB 328 – Techniques in Microscopy, which gives graduate students and technicians a foundation in practical optical theory.


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