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Krementsov and Teuscher Study Finds High Salt Intake Could Be Risk Factor for M.S. 

NBH faculty member Dr. Cory Teuscher and  College of Medicine research associate professor  in  medicine Dr. Dimitry Krementsov recently published new research in The FASEB Journal.


Higgins Mentioned in Wall Street Journal Article on Simple Solutions to Fix Drunk Driving

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Article: This Is Your Brain at College

NBH faculty member Dr. James Hudziak, professor of psychiatry, has become actively involved in undergraduate education.  He is the driving force behind a new substance-free dormitory focused on “Wellness”.

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Article: Not All Psychopaths Fit the Sterotype

A new study by, Professor Tim Stickle and graduate student Andrew Gill, sheds light on the monolithic view of psychopaths and its ultimate demise against the fight to diagnose cases. Stickle and Gill worked with 150 male and female subjects, ages 11 to 17. The study created new openings to the world of diagnosis.

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