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Achenbach,Thomas,Ph.D. Professor/Professor Psychiatry/Psychological Science multicultural methods for assessing behavioral, emotional and social problems and adaptive functioning
Ades,Philip,M.D. Professor Cardiovascular Medicine methods and benefits of weight loss in obese coronary patients; cardia rehabilitation
Althoff,Robert,M.D. Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Psychiatry & Pediatrics/Psychological Science

genetic and environmental basis of behavior disorders
Ballif,Bryan,Ph.D. Associate Professor Biology signal transduction pathways regulating mammalian brain development
Bates,Jason,Ph.D. Professor Medicine lung mechanics and quantitative evaluation of pulmonary function through the application of methods from physics, engineering and mathematics
Berger,Christopher,Ph.D. Associate Professor Molecular Physiology & Biophysics/Biochemistry molecular motors in axonal transport; tau and neural function
Bernstein,Ira,M.D. Professor/Senior Associate Dean for Research Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences/College of Medicine evaluation of prepregnancy physiology and examining how it relates to pregnancy adaptation and the development of preeclampsia/eclampsia
Beynnon,Bruce,Ph.D. McClure Professor Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation biomechanics of joints; risk factors for athletic injury; osteoarthritis
Bingham,Peter,M.D. Professor Neurology general pediatric neurology; neuromuscular diseases
Black,Ellen,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurological Sciences Director of VIC Human Structure and Function; Neuroanatomy; Anatomy and Physiology
Black,Deborah,M.D.CM, CSPQ, FRCP(C) Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry/Neurological Sciences neuropsychiatry; behavioral neurology; frontal lobe disorders; curriculum development
Bongard,Josh,Ph.D. Associate Professor Computer Science evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation, physical simulation
Bouton,Mark,Ph.D. Professor Psychological Science mechanisms of learning, memory, and emotion in classical conditioning
Boyd,James,M.D. Associate Professor Neurology Parkinson's Disease and other movement disorders; deep brain stimulation; botulinum toxin injections
Braas,Karen,Ph.D. Research Associate Professor Neurological Sciences neurotransmitters, receptors and their associated signaling pathways that guide neuronal function
Braff,Steven,M.D. Professor Neurological Sciences chair of radiology
Brayden,Joseph,Ph.D. Professor  Pharmacology ionic mechanisms of communication between smooth muscle and endothelial cells in cerebral arterioles
Brewer, Matthias, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Chemistry organic chemistry, synthetic methods, total synthesis, natural products
Brittain,Stephen,M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Neurological Sciences clinical neurology
Brock,David,Ph.D. Associate Professor Rehabilitation and Movement Science clinical trials, chronic disease prevention, and public health
Brown,Stephen,M.D. Associate Professor  Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences role of the zic2 transcription factor in holoprosencephaly
Burgin, Eileen, Ph.D. Associate Professor Political Science health policy at the national level, focusing on health care reform, Congress, decision making, policy formulation and implementation, and biomedical research
Burt,Keith,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychological Science interplay of normal and abnormal behavioral development, especially across adolescence and the transition to young adult life
Cannizzaro,Michael,Ph.D. Associate Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders interrelationship of language and cognition in normal and brain-injured adults
Carney,Jan,M.D., M.P.H. Professor Medicine associate dean for public health
Chen,Elizabeth,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Medicine electronic health records; clinical decision support; clinical data mining and natural language processing
Cichoski Kelly,Eileen,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Medicine medical education
Cipolla,Marilyn,Ph.D. Professor Neurological Sciences Stroke, hypertension, vascular function and cerebral circulation
Clason,Todd,MS Imaging/Physiology Core Manager Neurological Sciences light microscopy imaging and analysis
Cohen,Judith,Ph.D., RN Professor Nursing moral distress and moral decision-making within organizations
Commichau,Chris,M.D. Associate Professor Neurological Sciences ethics; neurocritical care and stroke
Contompasis,Stephen,M.D. Associate Professor Pediatrics developmental disabilities in children adolescents and youth
Cornbrooks,Carson,Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurological Sciences VIC Human Structure and Function; advisor for first and second years in Neuroscience Grad Program
Cushman,Mary,M.D., M.Sc. Professor Medicine/Pathology etiologic factors in stroke and cognitive decline
Danforth,Chris,Ph.D. Associate Professor Mathematics & Statistics chaos; mathematical modeling; complex systems; big data
Danigelis,Nick,Ph.D. Professor Sociology research methods and statistics, gerontology, and race relations
Diehl,Sean,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Medicine signaling mechanisms underlying human immune responses and vaccine development
Dittus,Kim,M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Medicine exercise rehabilitation in breast cancer survivors
Dostmann,Wolfgang,Ph.D. Professor  Pharmacology regulation of cerebral vascular function by cyclic gmp- dependent kinase
Dumas,Julie,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychiatry/Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit neurobiology, endocrinology, and transmitter systems in age related cognitive aging
Duncan,Paula,M.D. Professor Pediatrics youth project director for the vermont child health improvement program (vchip)
Dunning,Susan,M.D. Assistant Professor Medicine sleep apnea; sleep disorders; chronic respiratory failure
Ebert,Alicia,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Biology genetic and molecular basis of development of the eye in zebrafish
Eppstein,Margaret (Maggie) ,Ph.D. Chair / Associate Professor Computer Science networks, complex networks, etc., with applications in a variety of biological, physical, technological, and social domains.
Erdos, Benedek, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Pharmacology central blood pressure regulatory mechanisms involved in the development of stress-, obesity- and age-related hypertension
Erickson,Jon,Ph.D. Professor/Director Ecological Economics/ Gund Institute  ecological economics; renewable energy development; regional sustainable development
Ezerman,Elizabeth,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurological Sciences teaching: vic human structure and function
Falls,William,Ph.D. Professor/Chair Psychological Science neurbiology of fear, anxiety and resilience
Flynn,Brian,Sc.D. Professor Emeritus Family Medicine community health promotion; tobacco control
Forehand,Rex,Ph.D. Heinz and Rowena Ansbacher Endowed Unversity Distinguished Professor Psychological Science family stress and psychosocial adjustment of children.
Forehand,Cynthia,Ph.D. Associate Dean/Professor  Graduate College/Neurological Sciences molecular and cellular mechanisms of axonal pathfinding during development
Francklyn,Christopher,Ph.D. Professor Biochemistry molecular basis of neurodegeneration in genetically transmitted disease
Freeman,Kalev,M.D./Ph.D. Assistant Professor Surgery traumatic brain injury: effects on vasculature; cognitive therapy for tbi
Fries,Timothy,M.D. Associate Professor Neurological Sciences peripheral electrophysiology in neurology
Galbraith,Richard,M.D./Ph.D. Professor Medicine internal medicine; endocrinology; metabolism 
Garavan,Hugh,Ph.D. Associate Professor/Adjunct Associate Professor Psychiatry/Psychological Science cognitive neuroscience; behaviors and circuits underlying addiction; functional imaging
Garnett, Bernice, S.c.D. Assistant Professor Education & Social Services - Adolescent Health and Public Health childhood obesity and eating disorders prevention, bullying, discrimination and harassment, youth health disparities, food access and food security, community based participatory research and comprehensive school health
Geller,Berta,EdD Professor Emerita Family Medicine health services research: breast cancer detection, colorectal cancer screening, cancer survivorship
Giangreco,Michael,Ph.D. Professor Education educational programs and services for students with disabilities
Greene,Sarah,Ph.D. Assistant Professor/Director Neurological Sciences/Anatomical Gift Program developing, implementing, and evaluating educational techniques in anatomical sciences for students
Guitar,Barry,Ph.D., CCC-SLP Professor Communications Sciences and Disorders normal speech and stuttering in children
Hamill,Robert,M.D. Professor Neurological Sciences former chair of neurology; clinical care in neurology
Hammack,Sayamwong (Jom),Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychological Science neurobiological mechanisms of stress, emotion, and resilience
Harder,Valerie,MHS, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry co-morbid psychiatric and substance use problems
Harp,Randall,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Philosophy individual and collective goals and volitions in behavioral science; free will
Harvey-Berino,Jean,Ph.D., RD, Professor Nutrition and Food Sciences behavioral weight control and lifestyle modification
Heil,Sarah,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychiatry/Psychological Science behavioral and pharmacological approaches to the treatment of substance use/abuse in pregnant and recently postpartum women
Higgins,Stephen,Ph.D. Professor, Associate chairperson Psychiatry/Psychological Science behavioral and pharmacological processes in substance abuse; behavior change and health
Holmes, Gregory, M.D. Professor, Chair Neurological Sciences pediatric epilepsy and learning disorders
Hood,Virginia,M.D. Professor Medicine systems approach to management of chronic kidney disease
Horgan,Michael,M.D. Associate Professor/Chief Surgery/Neursurgery clinical neurosurgery
Howe,Alan,Ph.D. Associate Professor  Pharmacology molecular mechanisms underlying axonal pathfinding and cell migration
Hoza,Betsy,Ph.D. Professor Psychological Science etiology, mechanisms, course, outcome and interventions for  childhood adhd
Hudziak,James,M.D. Professor Psychiatry genomic and neuroimaging studies of developmental psychopathology and wellness
Hughes,John,M.D. Professor Psychiatry/Psychological Science clinical, laboratory and epidemiological studies on tobacco cessation and on marijuana cessation
Hutchins,Tiffany,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders mother-child interaction strategies; social cognition; child cognitive and language development
Jaworski,Diane,Ph.D. Professor  Neurological Sciences extracellular matrix proteolysis in normal and diseased nervous system; glioma 
Jewell,Ryan,M.D. Assistant Professor Surgery clinical neurosurgery
Johnson,Rachel,Ph.D., MPH, RD Robert L. Bickford Jr. Green and Gold Professor Nutrition and Food Sciences nutrition, energy metabolism, diet and health
Jones, Christopher, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Health Economist Surgery personalized decision tools based on Big Data, voucher-based reinforcement and incentives-based cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, point-of-care cost analysis. Therapy areas: rare diseases, surgery, psychiatry, fertility
Kasser,Susan,Ph.D. Associate Professor Rehabilitation and Movement Science postural control, fall risk, physical activity and health in people with multiple sclerosis
Kennedy,Amanda,Pharm.D. Associate Professor Medicine patient and medication safety research; clinical quality improvement research; health services research
Kessler,Rodger,Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Family Medicine clinical psychology
King,John,M.D. Associate Professor Family Medicine clinical epidemiology and evidence based medicine; risk communication and shared decision making
Lee,Brian,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Engineering transportation and land use modeling
Leibowitz,George,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Social Services adolescent substance abuse development, assessment and evaluation; child and family welfare
Lewis,Judith,M.D. Associate Professor Psychiatry psychiatric education, inpatient psychiatry
Li,Dawei,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Microbiology and Molecular Genetics/NBH identification of genes with mental disorders using genome-wide association study and deep sequencing
Litterberg,Ben,M.D. Henry and Carleen Tufo Professor  Medicine methodologies for technology assessment; clinical technology assessment; quality improvement and patient safety
Loeb,Don,Ph.D. Associate Professor Philosophy moral realism, methodology of moral reasoning, function of moral language; political philosophy
Lounsbury,Karen,Ph.D. Professor Pharmacology signal transduction pathways underlying cancer
MacLean,Charles,M.D. Professor Medicine outcomes research; shared decision making; clinical decision support
Maltby,Hendrika (Rycki),Ph.D., R.N., FRCNA Professor Nursing cultural competency across nursing programs
Mawe,Gary,Ph.D. Professor Neurological Sciences neural regulation of gut functions:  inflammation-induced neuroplasticity, serotonin signaling in the gut; therapeutic targets for treatment of gi disorders
May,Victor,Ph.D. Professor Neurological Sciences  
McSherry,Joseph,M.D./Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurological Sciences neurology; effects of cannabis on cardiovascular physiology and neural function
Morielli,Anthony,Ph.D. Associate Professor  Pharmacology ion channel regulation in the brain; the role of potassium channel trafficking in synaptic plasticity
Moyer,Mark,Ph.D. Associate Professor Philosophy metaphysics, philosophy of mind
Mulligan,Moira,M.S., CCC-SLP Clinical Associate Professor  Communication Sciences and Disorders clinical supervision and mentoring; child speech and language; pediatric and adult feeding and swallowing
Murray-Close,Annie,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychological Science gender differences in children and adolescents' social developmen; development of aggressive behavior.
Nagle,Keith,M.D. Associate Professor Neurological Sciences clinical neurology; epilepsy; sleep disorders
Naylor,Magdalena,M.D. Ph.D. Professor Psychiatry structural and functional changes caused by coping with chronic pain; fmri & mri
Nelson,Mark,Ph.D. Professor/Chair Pharmacology neurovascular coupling; ion channels in vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cell function
Parsons,Rodney,Ph.D. Professor Neurological Sciences mechanisms of synaptic integration and signaling in autonomic ganglia and response to injury or disease
Penar,Paul,M.D. Professor Surgery mathematical modeling of intracranial pressure physiology
Pendelbury,Bill,M.D. Professor Neurological Sciences director, center on aging; neuropathology
Petrick Smith, Carmen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Education embodied cognition, games for learning, and STEM education
Peyser,Janis,Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor Psychiatry/Neurological Sciences neuropsychology
Pierattini,Robert,M.D. Professor/Chair Psychiatry pharmacotherapy of mood and anxiety disorders; utilization of mental health services
Pinel, Elizabeth C.,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychological Science interpersonal experiences that meet our psychological needs and that, in turn, make us psychologically healthy; plans to expand model to include physical health, both as an antecedent to prosociality and as a consequence of prosociality
Pippenger,Charles,Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Neurological Sciences clinical neuropharmacology; antiepileptic drugs; glycobiology; sugars to treat neuro disease; free radicals
Podhajski,Blanche,Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor/Clinical Assistant Professor/President Neurological Sciences/Communication Sciences/Stern Center for Language and Learning differential diagnosis of language and learning disorders; evidence-based literacy learning for educators, parents, and physicians
Potter,Alexandra,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychiatry/Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit nicotinic receptor systems in cognition and disorders of impulse control
Prelock,Patricia,Ph.D. Professor/Dean Communication Sciences and Disorders/College of Nursing and Health Sciences nature and treatment of autism, specifically social cognition and social communication
Price, Matthew, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychological Science creating innovative strategies to expand the reach of clinical care for victims of traumatic events and those suffering from anxiety disorders
Rettew,David, M.D. Associate Professor Psychiatry/Pediatrics child temperament and relations to psychiatric disorders
Rizzo,Donna,Ph.D. Associate Professor Engineering development of new computational tools to improve the understanding of human-induced changes on natural systems and the way we make decisions about natural resources
Robey-Bond,Susan,Ph.D. Research Associate Biochemistry molecular basis of neurodegeneration in genetically transmitted disease
Rohan,Kelly,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychological Science
psychopathology and treatment of adult mood disorders
Rose,Gail,Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry behavior change; alcoholism prevention and treatment
Rosen,Michael,Ph.D. Research Associate Professor Engineering design of devices to ameliorate human disabilities
Ryan,Susan,Ph.D. Professor/Director Education/Center on Disability and Community Inclusion disability and inclusion; early childhood; native american populations; rural studies; special education
Sarkar,Neil,Ph.D. Assistant Professor/Director Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Computer Science/Biomedical Informatics biomedical informatics; data mining; health records and research
Schermerhorn,Alice,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychological Science neural processes underlying stress adjustment problems in children
Scott, Rodney, M.D./Ph.D Professor/Vice-Chair for Research Neurological Sciences neural substrates of epilepsy and learning disabilities
Shapiro,Robert,M.D., Ph.D. Professor Neurological Sciences migraine headache; circadian rhythms; neurology
Shaw,Judith,Ed.D., M.P.H., R.N. Research Associate Professor Pediatrics Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP)
Sibold,Jeremy,A.T.C., Ed.D. Assistant Professor Rehabilitation and Movement Science effects of exercise on mental health and well being
Sigmon,Stacey,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychiatry behavioral and pharmacological treatment of opioid dependence and cigarette smoking
Simpatico,Thomas,M.D. Professor Psychiatry design of health and human service delivery systems; clinical decision support; public psychiatry/serious mental illness; public policy; psychiatry and  law.
Solomon,Laura,Ph.D. Emerita Professor Family Medicine office of health promotion research; behavior change; smoking cessation
Solomon,Sondra, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor/Associate Professor
Psychiatry/Psychological Science psychosocial sequelae of HIV/AIDS in rural areas; visible and concealed physical distinctions (stigma); multicultural concerns and curriculum transformation
Spees,Jeffrey,Ph.D. Associate Professor  Medicine role of neural stem cells in repair of cns after stroke
Sprague,Brian,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Surgery/Office of Health Promotion Research breast cancer detection, role of health-related behaviors in breast cancer risk and survivorship
Stein,Gary,Ph.D. Professor/Chair/Co-Director Biochemistry/Vermont Cancer Center transcriptional regulation of cell cycle control in cancer and disease
Stickle,Timothy,Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychological Science assessment, prevention, and treatment of the antisocial and aggressive behavior in children.
Strolin,Jessica,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Social Work implementation and evaluation of evidence supported interventions with children, youth, families in child welfare, school and health settings
Suter,Jesse,Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Education/Center on Disability and Community Inclusion development, research, and evaluation of school-based interventions for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities
Swift,Kerry Technology Licensing Officer Office of Technology Commercialization technology commercialization
Tandan, Rup,M.D., F.R.C.P. Professor/Chair Neurological Sciences motor neuron disease; peripheral neuropathies
Tarule,Jill,Ed.D. Professor Education adult learning; ensuring that higher education furthers equity, justice, and reflective thinking
Teuscher,Cory,Ph.D. Professor  Medicine nonclassical immune response genes in demyelinating disease; genetic of sexual behavior
Tompkins,Connie,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Exercise Physiology perception of physical activity in healthy weight and obese adolescents; incentives to increase physical activity in obese children and adolescents; inhibitory control and obesity in adolescents
Toufexis,Donna,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychological Science sex hormone effects on emotional learning and anxiety behaviors
Tranmer,Bruce,M.D. Professor Surgery neurosurgery 
Van Houten,Judith,Ph.D. Professor Biology molecular mechanisms of chemoreception in paramecium and mice
Velleman,Shelley,Ph.D. Chair, Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders speech sound development in typically-developing children and in children with disorders especially neurodevelopmental syndromes (williams syndrome, 7q11.23 duplication syndrome, autism)
Verschraegen,Claire,M.D., M.S. Professor, Co-Director Hematology & Oncology/Vermont Cancer Center rare cancers, (mesothelioma, melanoma, sarcoma, and gynecologic malignancies); new anticancer drugs and treatments for solid tumors
Vigoreaux,Jim,Ph.D. Professor, Department Chair Biology structure, function, development and evolution of muscle
Vizzard,Margaret,Ph.D. Professor Neurological Sciences neural control of urinary bladder and response to injury and disease
Waheed,Waqar,M.D. Assistant Professor Neurological Sciences autonomic responses and neurological disease
Wasserman,Richard,M.D. Professor Pediatrics standards for pediatric care, motivational interviewing for pediatric obesity, pharmacoepidemiology of psychotropic medications
Waterman,Scott,M.D. Professor Emeritus Psychiatry neurobiology of mood and anxiety disorders;  philosophy of mind in medical education, discourse, and practice. 
Watts,Richard,Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor Community Development and Applied Economics strategic communications & media discourse, public policy, energy use and transportation behavior, citizen participation
Weaver,Sheila,Ph.D. Senior Lecturer Mathematics & Statistics statistics education
Wellman,George,Ph.D. Associate Professor Pharmacology neurovascular control of cerebral blood flow; changes following subarachnoid hemorrhage
Whalley,Adam,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry organic chemistry, materials chemistry and science
White,Sheryl,Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Research Scholar Pathway Neurological Sciences gene structure, expression and regulation, with a focus on neural plasticity and developmental neurobiology
Wilcke, Jr.,Burton ,Ph.D., SM(ASCP) Associate Professor/Chair Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences global health infrastructure; public health systems and services; quality systems and laboratory practice
Woodside-Jiron,Haley,Ph.D. Associate Professor Education educational policy; learning and cognition; reading education and literacy

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