University of Vermont


2013 Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellows

JoEttie Cliton

Mentor: Dr. George Wellman
College/University: South Carolina State University
Hometown: Kannapolis, NC



Mitchel Daniel

Mentor: Dr. Margaret Vizzard
College/University: Oakwood Universeity
Hometown: Columbus, GA

“I am interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases of the nervous system specifically Alzheimer’s. Through the SNURF program, I have been exposed to important lab techniques that will be vital as I further my education.”


Kristen D'Elia

Mentor: Dr. Brian Ballif
College/University: Providence College
Hometown: Plainview, NY

“I hope to earn my PhD and eventually do research in developmental neurobiology.  This program has allowed me to be immersed in the research community in an academic environment more specific to my interests than available at my home university.  This experience has helped me gain experience in research methods and finalize my future career plans.”

Haris Dzaferbegovic

Mentor: Dr. Jeff Spees
College/University: Kentucky Wesleyan College
Hometown: LaGrange Highlands, IL

“I am most interested in neurological disorders.  The SNURF program has provided me with a greater breath of experience in neuroscience, and I have had the opportunity to learn a variety of laboratory techniques.  This experience will benefit me whether I ultimately choose to pursue a career as a clinician, researcher, or a combination of both.”


Shaquille Edwards

Mentor: Dr. Sayamwong Hammack
College/University: Vassar College
Hometown: St Michael, Barbados / Poughkeepsie, NY

“I am interested in the behavior aspect of neuroscience. Working with Dr. Hammack and his postdoc in his lab has allowed me to see some techniques used to look at how an animal's behavior can be affected by specific proteins. It has also given me the opportunity to practice these techniques and get first hand experience.”

Meredith Kalkbrenner

Mentor: Dr. Rona Delay
College/University: Grinnell College
Hometown: Grinnell, IA



Claudia Lopez-Lloreda

Mentor: Dr. Felix Eckenstein
College/University: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Hometown: Encantada Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico



Carey Lyons

Mentor: Dr. William Falls
College/University: Oberlin College
Hometown: Tacoma, WA



Kyle O'Donnell

Mentor: Dr. Hugh Garavan
College/University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Hometown: Exeter, NH

“I'm quite interested in studying biological changes, and how those changes may effect behavior. This program has given me hands on experience studying these interests, and that experience will help me to pursue my goals as a research scientist.”


Genelle Rankin

Mentor: Dr. Rae Nishi
College/University: Bennington College
Hometown: Columbus, OH

“I'm currently studying Neuroscience at Bennington College, and I am interested in the study of neurodegeneration. Through the SNURF program I am able to gain the experience of working full time in a lab studying receptors related to several neurodegenerative diseases, and I'm learning research techniques I would be unable to learn at my home institution.”

Nathan Seeberger

Mentor: Dr. Cory Teuscher
College/University: Southern Virginia University
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

“This summer internship will help me get some great research experience as I apply to medical schools and other graduate programs.”



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