University of Vermont

Department of Physics: Device Physics Research Group


Thin-film devices

IMPS Preparing materials for device fabrication.

Thin-film semiconductor devices, including solar cells, LEDs, and transistors are fabricated using organic semiconductors, perovskites, and other next-generation semiconductor materials. Functional devices provide an ideal platform to investigate the electronic and optical properties of materials in environments where the optical and electronic processes are often deeply interconnected.

Nonlinear Opto-electronic Characterization

IMPS Intensity Modulated Photocurrent/Voltage Spectroscopy.

We are investigating nonlinear electronic processes including space-charge effects and recombination in organic and other thin-film semiconductor devices using frequency-domain electronic or optical excitation. The primary tools for these investigations are nonlinear impedance spectroscopy (NLIS) and nonlinear analysis of intensity modulated photocurrent/voltage spectroscopy (IMPS/IMVS).

Physical Properties of Materials

IMPS Sublimed organic semiconductor.

Understanding of the basic physical properties of materials is the foundation of materials research. Without complete knowledge of the structural, electronic, and optical properties, exploiting new materials for advanced applications would be impossible.

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