University of Vermont

Department of Physics: Device Physics Research Group

Group Members

Group Leader

  • Matthew White Matthew White
    Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
    (802) 656-0064
    Cook A513
  • Matthew White is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and the Materials Science Program. He completed his B.S. at the University of Washington in 2003, and his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006. He spent six years at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz Austria as a postdoctoral researcher and an assistant professor.

Graduate Students

  • Xiaozhi Zhang Xiaozhi Zhang
    Graduate Research Assistant, Materials Science
    Cook A446
  • Xiaozhi Zhang is a graduate student in the Materials Science program. He comes from China and received his B.Eng degree from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication in 2012 and M.Eng degree from Beijing University of Technology in 2015.

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Kirby Gordon Kirby Gordon
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Kirby Gordon is a MHS senior from Montpelier, attending classes at UVM and conducting research on organic semiconductor thin films and devices.

  • Yu Jiang Yu "Summer" Jiang
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Yu Jiang is a UVM undergraduate student majoring in Physics and minoring in Astronomy. She comes from China and received her High School Diploma from Shenzhen university normal college middle school in 2012.

  • Bin Du Bin Du
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Bin Du is an undergraduate student in physics and business administration at University of Vermont.

  • Tyler McLain Tyler McLain
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Tyler McLain is an undergraduate at the College of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Physics at UVM. He is researching semiconducting materials utilizing photo-thermal deflection spectroscopy.

  • Andrew Larsen Andrew Larsen
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Andrew Larsen is a second year physics and mathematics double major at the University of Vermont. He is doing research on thermal evaporation of small molecule semiconductors.

  • Michael Arnold Michael Arnold
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Michael Arnold is an undergraduate studying Physics and Mathematics at the University of Vermont.

  • Natascha Krishnanand Natascha Krishnanand
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Natascha is a second year undergraduate student at The University of Vermont. She is a double major in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and is also pursuing a Math Minor. Natascha is investigating thin-film transistors from soluble organic semiconductor materials.

  • Mike Garrett Mike Garrett
    Undergraduate Researcher
  • Mike Garrett is an undergraduate student in Physics at UVM. He is studying materials using Nonlinear Impedance Spectroscopy and Fourier Analysis.

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