MU 121 - UVM Concert Band (Spring 2013)

D. Thomas Toner (Office - Southwick 303, Phone - 656-7774, E-mail -
Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:00 - 12:00; or by appointment

Course Description and Prerequisites

Concert Band is open to students of all majors as well as community members. Emphasis is placed on the art of ensemble playing: listening and responding to ideas of balance, accompaniment, etc. The ensemble presents at least two concerts per semester, and occasionally performs off-campus at public schools, colleges, etc. The repertoire is chosen from the standard literature as well as contemporary music.


Band Web Page



Sunday, April 21 - 3:00, Recital Hall, Music Building  (Dress rehearsal at 1:30 p.m.)


Concert Dress

Men: Black pants, white shirt, long tie, black shoes, and black socks.
Women: Black skirt/pants, black blouse, and black shoes ("all black").



Attendance 90%                                  Improvement/Initiative 10%



Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory - you are an important part of a group effort! – but if you do have to miss rehearsal, please let me know in advance.  The attendance portion of your grade starts as an "A". You are allowed two absences with no penalty. After that, each absence lowers this part of your grade one degree (i.e. A-, B+, B, etc.). You can "make up" an absence by scheduling a time to play for me during an office hour, or at another mutually convenient time. You must let me know immediately and in writing if you have a conflict with a concert date or dress rehearsal. Failure to attend a dress rehearsal will be equal to missing two rehearsals. Failure to attend a concert will be equal to missing four rehearsals. (NOTE: UVM policy requires that students MUST be allowed to re-schedule group exams that conflict with a class [i.e. Band].)


Office Hours

If you would like extra help, feel free to make an appointment for one of my office hours or another time. You can get extra credit for this, which can come in handy if you miss rehearsal....



You can achieve a lot with a only a little bit of focused practice.  Please see me if you'd like to borrow a metronome and/or a tuner.  Look on the band website for a links to Smart Phone apps and other helpful links.


What I Expect of You...

·         that you are in your seat, with your instrument assembled at 4:05.

·         that you bring a pencil and your own copy of the music to every rehearsal.

·         that you not be distracting to others during rehearsal.

·         that you practice your parts outside of rehearsal (this includes practice away from your instrument).

·         that you listen to the recordings on the website.

·         that you respect yourself, one another, and the conductor, try your best, and have a positive attitude!